How to create Folders in Telegram | Guide

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Want to know how you can create folders in Telegram chats into folders? Here’s how to do it Telegram is one of the messaging apps that have more tools to make our conversations easier. If you have many chats or you like to have everything organized we show you how to create folders in Telegram. … Read more

How to download Telegram stickers for WhatsApp

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Learn how to download stickers from Telegram for WhatsApp will allow you to share stickers between both applications. Do you have some funny stickers on Telegram that you would like to send to your WhatsApp contacts? For that, you just need to learn how to download Telegram stickers for WhatsApp. It’s a bit of a … Read more

How to send messages without sound in Telegram

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Telegram is updated and adds the ability to send messages without sound and some new features you should know. Telegram is unbeatable. The alternative application to WhatsApp has not stopped adding new features since its launch and here comes some very interesting features that will allow you to customize your messages and enjoy a little … Read more

How to sort your Telegram conversations by folders

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Telegram conversations has been updated with one of the most interesting features in a messaging app: the ability to sort chats by folders. Here’s how to do it. Telegram has more interesting features than WhatsApp. The latest update of the messaging app is full of new features. The main one, the possibility of separating chats … Read more