How to make money selling your class notes and earn extra income on the Internet?

Virtual notes are an option, not only for learning, you can also earn money by selling these class notes to people who require it, which is why they have proliferated an infinite number of platforms where you can go and display these notes.

Now, many people may not know this term very well and may be confused at some point, and is that the class notes or virtual notes are notes on any subject that you can take directly on the computer or mobile device using a digital notebook, and then store them in an application for your use or sell them to others.

In the following article, you will learn how to make money selling class notes, what it takes to start selling these notes, the best methods, you will also learn how to sell these notes, tips for annotating and the best platforms available for this activity.

How much money can you make selling class notes?

It all depends on the type of notes you offer, as well as the platform on which the text is found, other factors such as the size and format, the subject matter and the infographics must also be taken into account. The more pages an article contains, the more publicity it will present and this represents a much higher cost.

The best quality and level of work can reach up to 100 dollars a week in earnings, while an average text, whose downloads are moderately or highly sought after, oscillates between 20 and 50 dollars.

What do I need to start selling my notes?

This is one of the neuralgic points of this process, since in a certain way you will have this small uncertainty, and to start selling your notes you only need to upload the document of the specific subject to the platform you have selected and that’s it, this way you will start monetizing.

In this sense, there are certain aspects that you must take into consideration, because when you upload the text the platform will make an initial offer, where you must accept it or not, then the note will be available to everyone and the sale of the document will begin through each download made by users.

Methods to take better class notes

The way in which you take the notes will be the basis for all those people who download your notes to get a better use out of the document, the pedagogical and learning part has a lot to say. For this reason, there are methods that you can apply when taking notes, so that they can be understood in the best possible way.

The best methods for taking class notes are:

The Cornell Method

It consists of dividing a page into three sections: questions, notes and summary, all this so that you can better distribute the ideas to achieve an understanding that can be key to what the user is looking for. In the notes section, place all the respective notes, in questions, write all the doubts you have about the topic, as well as concepts that are not clear, finally in the summary area, it is a synthesis of the class, recording everything that was understood, forming a clear criterion of the topic in question.

The divided page

You must divide the page vertically into two sections: main idea and secondary ideas, all this in order to organize all the information of the subject while you are taking notes, it is one of the most used methods today. Thanks to this method, many people have a better understanding of what they are reading, due to the structure of the note and the breakdown of each of the points discussed.

Mind maps or supernotes

Consists of visual elements such as lines, bullets, images, so that the brain can grasp the information through keywords. This method has its fundamental basis in two aspects: the practical purpose and a graphic composition. This method also usually uses other very important tools such as colors, fonts and other notes, which are of great help for the user’s understanding.

Learn how to make money by selling your class notes

This is a fairly simple process to perform, everything will depend on the quality of the text and the format in which it is, there are also other aspects such as the issues to be addressed, for example, school subjects have a higher demand compared to notes that deal with furniture or paintings. On the other hand, there are other factors that are part of a structure, and that must be well applied, otherwise it can mean a failure for you.

Choose a platform

It is the first step to get started in this activity, currently there are many platforms from where you can upload your notes, take into account the number of users that the website has, how many downloads are produced per day, and what are the topics where it places greater emphasis for the sale of notes.

Other important elements when choosing a platform are the payment methods applied, the formats from which you can upload the information and the percentage of profit you can have for each downloaded article.

Publish your notes

Publishing notes in the selected platform is simple, you just have to be clear about the files you want to publish and that’s it, this way you will start your journey in the world of virtual notes.

To publish the notes follow these steps:

Register in the respective platform.

  • Click on the “Add files” section.
  • Fill out a form indicating the title, subject and a description of the document.
  • Enter the selling price or accept the price that the platform may indicate according to the text.
  • In this way you will have published your notes on any platform dedicated to this activity.
  •  Set up your payments and wait for your money

It is important to take into consideration that the payments made are calculated based on the advertising that your article contains (this is taken care of by the selected platform), as well as extra bonuses granted for article quality, difficulty and prestige, among other characteristics. Now, you will receive an offer for your entry, if you accept it, enter your email with the address of the virtual wallet or PayPal and the payment will be made in a period of no less than two working days approximately.

Tips for taking more valuable notes

Taking notes is a task in which you must apply some techniques if you want to be successful, they are tips that will perfect your work and help you earn more money, in addition, thanks to a good annotation you can generate a better reputation on any platform. The purpose of all this is that you make quality notes so that you have a greater number of sales and thus increase your income.

The tips to make better notes are:

Record the main data.

Write down the main idea is key for a good note to achieve its purpose, also the keywords help to a better understanding of the subject, as this will quickly capture the information. Other elements, such as names, dates, places, formulas, are tools that you can also use to make a high quality note.

Do not overdo it

There must be a balance between writing few words or making a text too long, since using some of these extremes can be detrimental to the quality of the note, so use words and phrases that can simplify the idea, and thus will be able to show a clearer idea. In the same order, the use of key words will lead you to be more precise, avoiding an excessive and repetitive use of the same phrase.

Do not hesitate to ask questions

To have things clear is very important and so that there are no doubts of any kind the best tool is to ask questions, so contact the instructor before making any note and ask everything you want to know. Expanding the idea, and adding other elements can be a differential factor for your note to be in great demand.

Compare notes

It is important to reach excellence, therefore, try to compare your texts with those of close colleagues, consult with specialized books on the subject, or search through the recommended websites, so that you can perfect everything you wrote. This point will allow you to have extensive knowledge and put it into practice with the articles you are going to publish.

Transcribe all the notes cleanly

This is the last step before publishing and selling your notes, let’s say it is the final filter, here you will write the whole idea in an organized way, with the correct wording, without mistakes and in a way that anyone can understand. Remember that while your texts have a better quality, the possibilities of selling expand and in this way you can get more money with your virtual notes.

Best platforms to sell your class notes on the Internet

There are many platforms that allow the sale of virtual notes, all very prestigious and with excellent feedback from all its users, each of these sites present content of various topics that are of high quality. On the other hand, and talking about the strictly economic issue, these pages have a secure payment method, where the win-win element comes to the fore, offering very good earnings for the sales made.

The best platforms to sell your class notes online are ( english & Spanish platforms) :


This is a website and a social network at the same time, where all students can exchange information, it contains a database with all the notes and exercises approved in a great way so you can guide you in your homework. When your notes are approved you will start to monetize without the need to have downloads at that moment, you must also have a minimum of 15 classified notes to be considered. 


It is a very useful website where you will not only get school or academic notes, it also has a file that has professional information or guidance for specific areas of work. You can use different formats to upload files.

The money collected can be withdrawn from your accumulated balance from 50 euros, however one of the policies of this platform is that you must share the income, 25% for the page and the remaining 75% for you. Register at

This site is accessible to students from all over the world, has 2 million users, 80% of its content is free, while the remaining 20% has premium status. To charge, the user can do it directly to your PayPal account, also for each note you publish you will receive a special lottery ticket where you will be eligible for different prizes, its interface has a quality control system, which will verify the authenticity of the notes published in the system.

It is a platform aimed at university students, where you can earn money for each file download made. Wuolah has around 100 thousand users, an archive with more than 500 thousand documents and 2 million downloads in its history. The money generated on this platform will depend on the size of the text and the format, its interface is very easy to use, which makes uploading notes very simple for everyone.

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