How to Delete my Spotify account | Step by Step Guide

How to delete my Spotify account? You may be thinking about it when you can’t find your profile in the app. Here we tell you how to do it step by step.

If you’re looking for how to delete my Spotify account in 2021 you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you do it so that no one else really knows your musical tastes and the artists you prefer to listen to or if you do it to leave the service and opt for YouTube, Tidal, or any other. The choice is yours. And the tutorial is ours. So that you have no doubt how you should do to delete your Spotify account in 2021. Here’s how you have to do it step by step:

How to Delete my Spotify account 2021

The process is not as simple as deleting or uninstalling the application. If you don’t want Spotify to store any of your listening data, you will have to “close your account”. Only this term is not logging out, but effectively deleting your account. The process must be carried out through the Help page of the streaming music service, so you can do it from your mobile or computer, but always through the Internet browser.

  • The first thing to do is to go to the Spotify Help website where you can close your account.
  • Then choose the Account option in the list of activities you can perform.
  • Choose the option I want to close my account.
  • Now choose Close account again. If you choose to keep your account free you will continue as before.
  • Confirm the action.

And you’re done. With these simple steps, Spotify will delete all data associated with your account from the service. No one will be able to know what music you were listening to. You will lose all your created playlists and saved shows and podcasts. However, it will probably take a few hours for the process to take effect before Spotify completely deletes your music algorithm and all references to bands, artists, and music-related to your tastes or your activity on the application.

You should also note, as Spotify makes it known, that you will not be able to reuse the same username you had so far in a new Spotify account. This profile will be completely deleted and the name will be unusable so that no one will be misled in the future.

How to Delete a Spotify premium account

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Now, if what you are looking for is how to delete a Spotify Premium account, things change slightly. Here you will have to understand that there are two different processes since having a Spotify Premium account means keeping an active subscription with monthly recurring payments. It is therefore advisable to cancel the subscription before carrying out any action with your user account.

To cancel a Spotify Premium account you will have to do it through the Spotify website, and not from the application. Follow these steps to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Log in to your Spotify account page.
  • Click on the Plans section
  • Find the Spotify Free plan and click on the Cancel subscription button.
  • Confirm this action

This will prevent Spotify bills from being charged on a monthly basis. At this point, you will keep your playlists, your saved podcasts, and all other Spotify settings. The only change is that you go back to the free service, which means having ads, song skipping, and mobile playback limitations again.

The second step, if you really want to end all traces of your time with Spotify, is to close the account. As we have explained in the previous point. Just go to the Spotify help website, choose the Account section, and then indicate that you want to close your account. In this case, you will not be logged out, but you will delete all your playlists and associated content.

How to recover my Spotify account

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And now comes the regrets, how to recover my Spotify account? You may be wondering if you regret taking any of the above steps. Well, there are several things you should know.

One is how to recover your Spotify account if you have simply logged out (and not closed your account) and don’t remember your credentials. The link you should go to in either case is this, where the Spotify support team poses a simple questionnaire to provide you with information or a link to the tools you may need in each case.

  • In case you have lost your password: just click on the link on the logging screen to reset your password. You will need to create a new one for security reasons. Enter your email address and follow the steps to create a completely new one.
  • In case you have forgotten your username: here things get complicated, as there is no process to recover your account as such. Spotify recommends, in this case, using the same system to reset the password. And is that, in the account or user section, you can try with different emails or usernames until you find yours.

Don’t forget that you can also use other services to log in or sign in to Spotify. If you originally did it through Facebook or your Apple account, try also with these credentials before giving up.

In case you close your account, or in other words, delete your Spotify user account, you will have no options to recover it. The decision will be final and definitive. So you should think very carefully if you really want to delete forever your user (you can not use it in a new account), plus all your playlists, your saved podcasts, and all your trained algorithm regarding your listening and music tastes.

Read carefully every piece of information that Spotify offers you before logging out, closing your account, or subscribing to its Premium service, because here are all the clues to know if you will be able to recover your Spotify account, if you will be charged with any expenses or if the process you are carrying out can be reversed. But, in case you close your account, we confirm that you will have to forget about it forever.

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