How to change your Profile name in Spotify

Want to learn how to change your profile name in Spotify? We show you how to do it from your mobile or PC.

In Spotify, we have two names that allow us to identify ourselves: the username, which serves to identify us and that we can not change, and the profile name, which is the one that appears in our playlists and the one that our friends can see. And knowing how to change the profile name in Spotify can be very useful if you get tired of always having the same one.

If you are going to make the profile name change from a smartphone or tablet, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Go to the home screen, by tapping on the house-shaped button.
  • Go to Settings, by clicking on the wheel-shaped button.
  • Click on View profile
  • Select the Edit profile option
  • Click on your profile name and type in the name of your choice
  • Click on Save to confirm the changes.

Following this same process, we can also change your profile picture, which will help our friends to identify us. In general, if you want to make any changes to your account, you will have to do it in this same configuration section.

How to change profile name in Spotify on pc

From the mobile does not seem very complicated, but if you usually use the streaming platform from the computer you may wonder where to change the profile name in Spotify for PC. The reality is that the process to follow is very similar to the one found in the mobile version, although with some small aspects moved:

  • Go to the home section.
  • Within this screen, go to Preferences
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • Click on your display name so you can change it.
  • Click on Save

In case you have your account connected to Facebook, in principle, the username that will appear will be the one you have in the social network. But as soon as you do the necessary steps to change it, from your PC or cell phone, you will see how the username changes and the new one you want will appear, which you can change whenever you want.

As in the mobile version, when we follow the steps on how to change the profile name in Spotify we can also change our profile picture. It is true that the photo in this social network is not usually as important as it is in others like Facebook or WhatsApp. But it never hurts to know that we can modify our profile as we want, and even change our photo or personal name for another that is less identifiable.

Why my Spotify username is made up of numbers and letters

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As we mentioned at the beginning, a username is one thing and a profile name is another. This may lead you to wonder why my Spotify username is numbers and letters.

The reality is that this username is a name that Spotify assigns you to identify you and differentiate you from other users of the social network. But it is of no use to you. The name that people who follow you will see is the profile name, which you can change whenever you want as we have explained above. And to log in, you only need your email address. Therefore, the reality is that this user number with numbers and letters is indifferent to you.

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