Top 5 Best Apps to find Apple Watch Faces

Although watchOS doesn’t allow the installation of third-party faces, the huge amount of complications and options available for their customization allows developers to create apps and services that can still offer special, ready-to-use templates. In particular, today we’re going to look at 5 useful apps for finding Apple Watch faces, free and available on the App Store.

Watch Faces by Facer

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Let’s start right away with what can easily be called the ultimate app for creating watch face templates for Apple Watch. This is “Watch Faces by Facer”, available for free on the App Store. Thanks to its many customization options, it allows you to develop a dial complete with images taken from the gallery and complications adapted to the type of watch face. The user can then decide to start from scratch, personally adding all the elements, or select one of the many templates offered in the catalog. All this can be done for free, but to unlock all the services you’ll have to buy the full version.

MobyFace Watch Faces

MobyFace, available on the App Store, is basically the companion application of the watch bands sold by Mobyfox. This is in fact a company that develops nerdy accessories for Apple Watch, offering different styles and based on pop culture: Star Wars, Harry Potter, NASA, MARVEL, DC, and many more. Within the aforementioned application, you will then be able to choose wallpapers to match the purchased watch bands, although the download will still be allowed to anyone who downloads the application. Unfortunately, though, some of the faces will only be made free with the purchase of the watchbands centered on the same theme.


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As you surely know, starting with watchOS 7 it is possible to share Apple Watch watch faces. Thanks to “Watchfacely“, this operation will surely be easier and within everyone’s reach. All it will do, in fact, is offering the user an editor very similar to the original Apple one, then offering a screen reserved for sharing. Within it, you’ll be able to include a customized message, and then allow it to be sent via message, social, or any platform you use daily. This one will also be available for free download from the App Store.

Buddywatch – Watch Faces

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Buddywatch, available for free on the App Store and developed by an Italian user, is based on the same concept of sharing seen above. In this case, however, you will also pay close attention to the details given by the straps. For each dial-in fact, there will be a perfect strap to match, to give the user an extra stylistic choice. In addition, even the download options will be very easy to use, since, on each screen, there will be a “DOWNLOAD” button ready to use.


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We finally close with another free application on the App Store called “Watchsmith“. Among its peculiarities, we find undoubtedly the huge amount of elements to choose from for each selected complication, their modularity, and dynamism. In fact, the service allows you to generate perfect faces for every situation, thus offering the modification of complications for every hour of the day. In this way, the user will be able to use a specific one for training, one for good morning, one for work, or any other time of the day.

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