8 Best Apps for Writing Text on Photos in 2024

Of course, with the growth and development of smartphone apps (with writing text), users are no longer relying on computers to write on images, as it is now becoming possible to do so via an app. You can write on images professionally and distinctly because all the tools are available to help you edit the image and add whatever you want, whether you want to create an ad, trolls, or something like that, you can do it via an app. If you don’t know which app to use, here are the best photo writing apps that will help you on your Android phone.

The best photo writing apps for Android and iOS

Learn the most important information about each app, then choose what is right for you


Capture 505

A simple and elegant free app that gives you complete control overwriting on the image in high quality. It includes over 200 different fonts, with the option to use your own. One of the features of this application is that it allows you to customize the text you added on the images, you can change its size and font color, whether normal or gradient, and you can rotate the text and set the shadow for it.

In addition, you can control the spacing of characters and lines to place the text in the right place. Alternatively, the user can also control the background color and make it consistent with the text. You can rely on Apply Phonto to write sayings and judge or create your ad with ease and simplicity.

Available on Android and iOS


One of the distinctive applications that I frankly liked, both in terms of the user interface and the organization of tools or in terms of the tools it provides. We’ve already listed it as one of the best photo writing apps for iPhone. An application that gives you total freedom to modify the image, including writing on it with a specific font among the many fonts available in the application.

Apart from writing on the images, the application includes PicLab A set of other tools that allow you to adjust the light and set a photo filter, combine many images with distinctive patterns, draw and add stickers to the image. In addition, you can control the color and rotation of the font, set a shadow for it, and crop the image to make it appropriate. Despite a large number of tools in the application, the free use gives you limited tools, but since you are interested in writing on the image, this command is available with a group of fonts, not all of them.

Available on Android and iOS


One of the most important applications for writing on images in a variety of professional styles, it allows you to write text on your image, then customize it by choosing the text style and font type in addition to assigning it a color, either normal or gradient. One of the advantages of this application is that it provides you with high-quality images to write on or choose an image from your device, as well as making textured backgrounds available.

In addition, you can add professional touches to the image by setting any of the available filters, adjusting the effects, adding a decoration to the image, be it a frame or something else that adds a touch of creativity to your photo. It will be worthwhile to apply TextArt Many inspiring judgments and phrases that you can include in the photo, in professional styles.

Available on Android and iOS

Add Words, Image Maker, Text Photo Editor, Texon

Apply Type on Photos It is intended for writing on images as its name suggests, but this is not only what it offers, but also provides you with beautiful stickers and constant backgrounds, you can also add your image and write on it with customization of font and color, in addition to the availability of many text styles.

In terms of use, it’s simple and smooth just like the solution with the above apps, and it allows you to share your image after writing it on social networks directly with the possibility of saving the image on your device of course. A distinctive application that has won the admiration of its users, since it has received a 4.5 rating in the Google Play Store, as well as more than one hundred thousand downloads.

Available on Android 


Capture1 70

Of course, we can’t exclude this application from the list, through which you can design an advertisement for your product, write on the image and customize the font, and it also provides you with various style and label templates to add to the image and control its color. You can set a shadow for the text and erase part of the text or style at your convenience, to make the image more professional.

The application includes Texty More than 750 types of multilingual fonts with the ability to fully customize any aspect of it. You can add stickers and graphics, as well as customizable shapes. In addition, the drawing tool is available in the application. Finally, you can save the image in different formats such as JPEG, WEBP, PNG.

Available on Android 

Word Swag

Distinctive and worth the experience, it allows you to write on the images with a variety of fonts, up to 45 fonts designed by distinguished designers in this field. You can via the Word Swag application professionally write on the image and publish it on your account on social platforms, or you can also rely on the application to create a promotional advertisement for your product.

Provides you with Word Swag Many different backgrounds to write on, as well as shapes and decorations to decorate the image and make it interesting. It also includes many inspirational words and phrases that you can add to the image, even if you don’t know what to write. When you write text on the image, you can of course control its color, size, position, and type.

Available on Android and iOS


An advanced application that saves you from the other, provides Over Many special templates that are perfect for many occasions in which you can add and write an image with font customization. In addition, you can include shapes and stickers in the image with your logo that you can create directly from the application, so this application is very suitable for promoting your products and brand.

It is worth noting that the application saves and organizes your work and designs in the projects section so that you can come back to them at any time and make changes, making your work easier. Instead, it gives you access to Pixabay images و Unsplash Direct and uses the available images directly with the different backgrounds included in the app.

Available on Android and iOS

Text Over Photo

Apply Text Over Photo Simple, elegant and easy to use, you can choose the image from the app or your device, then write on it according to the font and style that suits you, as you can set the highlight color of the salient words and adjust the shadow, in addition to the possibility of placing various stickers.

You can count on this application to create your watermark so that you can always include it in your images, and you can also count on the application to design book and magazine covers or a promotional image for your advertising in a professional way, memes, and others. A good app that works to eat a face, and the best proof of this is that it has received a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store by users in addition to the number of downloads that have exceeded one hundred thousand.

Available on Android 

Here is our list of the best photo writing apps that will help you add text to the image for various purposes, whether it is writing quotes, promoting a product, creating a specific cover, etc. They are all good apps, but if we compare them, I would prefer Over and PicLab. and you, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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