How to fix the iTunes Library.itl file if it cannot be read?

Find out how to fix the iTunes Library. Apple is a company that has stood out for innovating in the development of all its general devices. This virtue of innovation has been transmitted to its software line in which they have been in charge of developing different applications for their devices, which allow you to enjoy numerous services such as series, movies, videos or music.

One of the main sections in which it has been in charge of pleasing its public, is specialized in music with its iTunes application, which allows us to play, organize and purchase our songs in the most comfortable way.

However, this application may be subject to certain errors such as iTunes Library.itl, which does not allow us to run to log in to our iTunes account. If you are suffering from this problem and do not know how to solve it, just keep reading this article.

What are the reasons why iTunes Library.itl file can present reading errors?

iTunes, being an application that is used by a large number of people, needs constant monitoring and updating of its functionality.

Many times, the work of keyboard professionals cannot be able to patch all the errors that are generated by these actions. The reason why the error discussed in this article occurs is not easy to define, but here is the most accepted explanation.

A previous version with a warning

At the time of each update in our iTunes account, the internal code of the software has to be modified, many times the installers can create random errors that generate failures in the files they update and, consequently, end up creating errors such as the failure of ‘iTunes Library.itl’

So, don’t panic in the belief of a virus or some malware that may be inside your computer or some more severe failure. The error in this case almost always occurs after receiving an update on any platform, be it Windows or Mac.

How can I fix this error from my computer?

If you are reading this post, you are probably in a panic because you don’t know how to fix this problem and resume your music session. Fortunately, solving this problem is not complicated and can be done by anyone with a little bit of willingness, as well as willingness to follow the following methods depending on the type of computer where iTunes is installed:

Using ‘Mac’

  • go to the desktop of our Macbook where we look for and select the finder icon.
  • Now we proceed to click Go in the main menu bar,  then go to the folder in the drop-down menu.
  • In the window that just displayed, go to the folder by typing “/ Users / your username / Music”, then click on the search that appears.
  • open the previous iTunes folder libraries, then select the iTunes Library.itl file with the most recent date, which we will copy.
  • proceed to change the name of the iTunes library file that we copied to iTunes Library.itl.
  • Restart iTunes and that’s it.

From ‘Windows

If iTunes is installed on a Windows computer, the procedure changes a little, but it is just as simple with this method:

  • go to the desktop taskbar to open the file viewer.
  • Inside the file explorer,  look for the local disk C to then search for iTunes, where you can proceed to rename the file iTunes Library.itl to iTunes Library.old.

How to know if the iTunes Library.itl file error is already fixed?

As specified at the beginning of this text, the main consequence of this error is to prevent iTunes from being able to run.

So, if we want to check that the method we applied has been a total success, we just have to run iTunes. In the event that the application continues to fail or another unexpected error appears, contact Apple support to put an end to the problem.

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