How to send messages from DeviantArt? – Messaging tools and tips

Learn how to send messages from DeviantArt. The DeviantArt platform is an art exhibition website that currently has more than 60 million registered users around the world, willing to share and comment their works with other artists who are part of this community. 

In this way, DeviantArt allows multiple forms of interaction so that its users can communicate and be connected through the passion they share. If you are one of them, we invite you to reach the end of this article, where Learn How To will give you some tools and tips so you can send messages like Google Docs from the site.

What means of interaction are handled by the DeviantArt digital platform?

The means of interaction allowed on the DeviantArt platform are diverse to allow users to use the most appropriate for different situations.


Through this medium, DeviantArt artists have the opportunity to receive criticism and opinions from other users regarding their art and to do the same with the art of others.


Through the forums users can meet to share in a more complete and structured way their criticisms, comments and opinions, in a more dynamic and interactive space.


The chats in DeviantArt also give users the opportunity to have group conversations about topics of common interest.


In a space like DeviantArt could not miss the option to communicate through private messages, so that the users have the possibility to converse in a direct way.

How does DeviantArt organize its users’ messages?

DeviantArt organizes its messages, as it is common in the chat spaces of different websites and social networks, so that users can access them at any time. And they can be found from two different spaces.


DeviantArt has its inbox so that users can read and reply to messages they receive from other users, as in an email interface.


In addition to being stored in the inbox, DeviantArt messages can be saved or organized in different sections, as the case may be, as it works similarly to an email.

Until they are read, messages received from other users will not be stored in the inbox, but in the unread messages section, while messages sent by the user will be stored in the sent messages section. 

In case you fail to send a message as soon as it has been written, DeviantArt will save it as a draft. Also, the most important messages can be highlighted so that they can be easily located when needed.

DeviantArt also allows you to block unwanted senders, marking them as spammers, to stop receiving messages that are not to the user’s liking.

What is the procedure to send a message in DeviantArt?

Sending private messages to other DeviantArt users is not complex at all. And what is quite useful, it allows you to send them to a group of recipients at the same time, avoiding the hassle of sending them again and again when you need to communicate with several users.

Individual messages

The first step is to look for the recipient’s profile, then click on the user name with which he/she has registered, thus allowing you to see the option to send. Now all that remains is to compose the message and finish the procedure.

Messages to several recipients

To send a note or private message to a group of several recipients at the same time, add the user names of the others, separating each one with a comma.

In DeviantArt, can I know if my message has been read or not?

If the message sent has been read by the recipient, it will be marked with a small gray note next to the message. However, it is possible that the user disables this option and it will not be possible to know if it has been read or not, as it can happen when we use the instant messaging application WhatsApp.

How do I block a user from receiving messages?

In case any user comes in sending unwanted notes and you want to put an end to this annoyance, you can resort to the option of blocking users.

The first step is to enter the DeviantArt website and log in with your account information. Once inside, proceed to go to the settings by tapping your username. Then press the General option and browse until you find the Blocked Users.

Finally, enter the name of the user you want to get rid of and click OK to block them permanently, if you wish.

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