How to get all these google workspace features for free

Here’s how to activate the free Google Workspace features for all users with a Google account.

If you want to know how to get all these Google Workspace features for free and why they will make your day-to-day life easier, especially at work, we tell you in this article. In addition, this Google service is, from now on, free for anyone who has a Google account.

A workspace is a tool that Google introduced in 2020, whose peculiarity was that is united in one place tools such as the Gmail email account, Google Drive, Google Meet, or Google Docs. Some of the Workspace functions that were initially paid for are now available at zero cost, according to the company’s announcement.

What is google workspace free?

If you use Gmail daily, you’ll want to know what Google Workspace is for free before you activate it in your account. It is a Google feature, previously called G Suite, which had, among other peculiarities, the possibility of having a personalized business email, video conferencing up to 100 participants, a greater storage capacity, or greater security controls.

By opening this option to all users, Google aims to make it easier “for people to stay connected, get organized and get more things done together, whether it’s promoting a cause, planning a family meeting, communicating with the PTA or deciding on the next book for the book club”; thus expanding its range beyond the business environment.

How to activate free google workspace features for everyone

Before you consider how to activate the free Google Workspace features for everyone, the first thing to do, if you haven’t already done so, is to create an account in Gmail.

Then go to the settings option, and click on “view all settings”.

Select the “Chat and Meet” options and activate both features in the dropdown that will appear below.

Clicking “accept” will automatically load Workspace for free and you will be able to start using it.

On the left side of your Gmail account, you will see that there are some changes, now the dropdown is divided into chat, rooms, and meetings.

Once you know how to activate the free Google Workspace features for everyone, you should note that mail, chat and video calls will be unified in one place; in addition, you will be able to share content, documents, task lists, etc. with your coworkers, family or friends through chats, as well as make group video calls of up to 100 people.

The company has also explained that soon the “rooms” will become “Spaces”, with a more “agile and flexible” interface, which will allow you to create real workspaces but online, with “new features, such as online conversation threads, attendance indicators, individual statuses, reactions or shared files and tasks”.

Google workspace individual

Google has also announced that it will soon launch Google Workspace Individual, a version designed for small businesses and freelancers to facilitate their daily work and allow them to give a more professional image, activating some of the functions of the paid Workspace versions, “such as scheduling appointments and sending emails to clients”.

At the moment it is not known when this feature will be launched, but what Google has said is that the markets of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Japan will be the first. Europe will have to wait…

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