How To Listen To Spotify On Two Devices At The Same Time

Find out how to listen to Spotify on two devices at the same time. Do you want both you and another person to listen to music from the same account? You can learn how to listen to Spotify on two devices at the same time.

Your Spotify account allows you to stay logged in on as many devices as you need. But it only allows you to listen to music on one of them at the same time. So if you’ve ever wondered how to listen to Spotify on two devices at the same time, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s not possible. And although in principle it is not, there are some little tricks that can help you and another person listening to music from a different device to enjoy songs at the same time.

The easiest way to do this is to download songs. The Premium account allows you to download music on up to 5 different devices. And if you listen to them without being connected to the Internet, the system will not be able to verify that you are doing it on two devices at the same time.

It is also possible to listen to music on two different speakers. For example, if you have several Alexa devices, you can ask it to play Spotify everywhere, and your songs will play on all the speakers you have connected.

How To Listen To Music At The Same Time With Friends On Spotify

If what you want is not to use your account on two devices but to know how to listen to music at the same time with friends on Spotify, the platform has a function specially designed for this. These are called group sessions.

To start a group session with your friends, follow these steps:

  • Open the Spotify app and start playing content.
  • Press the button with a speaker that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Under Start a group session select Start a session
  • Share the link with your friends or create a code for them to scan
  • The person you have invited to your group session will be able to listen to the same music you are listening to from their device, so you can remotely share your favorite songs. They will also be able to control the playback from their device, so that if either of them stops the session you will also stop listening to music on your smartphone.

Can You Listen To Spotify At The Same Time With Friends Without Premium?

One of the requirements set by the streaming platform to be able to participate in the group sessions is that it is essential to have a Premium account. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether you can listen to Spotify at the same time with non-premium friends is no, since this feature is not available to those who have a free account.

Of course, if you want to share your favorite songs with your friends you can always look for alternative options. For example, you have the possibility to create a collaborative playlist in which you all put your favorite songs. And agree to listen to that playlist at the same time and comment on your impression of it. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s a way to share your musical tastes without having to pay for it.

And, of course, you also have the option to share your favorite songs with your friends so they can get to know them.

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