Best 3 free password managers alternative to LastPass

With LastPass drastically limiting the usage of those with a Free account, we thought it was a good opportunity to offer you some advice on possible alternative password managers you can consider (which we did as well, switching to one of the ones we’ll show you). Also, we encourage you to read this guide in tandem with the one we made on the best apps to generate OTP codes for two-factor authentication. 

Before we move on to the actual Top 3, we want to advise you not to trust your passwords to the internal solutions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and other web browsers. This is because, although they offer cryptographic security equal to that of real password managers, often the unnecessary login to access them makes their day-to-day security worse.

Top 3 free password managers


Bitwarden was our choice to switch from a free LastPass account to another password manager that offers similar functionality. Let’s start right off by telling you that this is an open-source solution (which is always to be preferred over the closed source and proprietary software).

With Bitwarden you can store as many passwords as you want and use the app and extension for free on all the devices you have. If you are coming from a free LastPass account, not only can you import your entire list of passwords and secure notes but the look of the UI should be very familiar.

The app supports biometric unlocking, uses Android’s autofill API, and can be secured via 2FA (OTP codes only for the free version).

Bitwarden | Download


Keepass is perhaps the most secure of all password managers because it does not use any cloud solution to store passwords but relies only on the internal memory of computers and smartphones. On the other hand, however, it offers little convenience for those who need to use it on multiple devices.

Also, in this case, we are dealing with a completely open-source software even if, while for Windows, macOS, and Linux an official version is available, for Android (and iOS) there are third-party versions that exploit the source code.

As for Android specifically, the apps we recommend most are Keepass2Android Password Safe (along with its offline version without any cloud synchronization) and KeePassDX.

Keepass2Android Password Safe | Download

Keepass2Android Offline | Download

KeePassDX | Download


Capture 465

MYKI, just like the standard Keepass implementation, does not store credentials in the cloud but only in local storage. This means that even synchronization between various smartphones only takes place locally.

Apart from that, MYKI behaves very similarly to other password managers. It uses Android’s auto-fill service, supports biometric unlocking, and can store OTP codes, payment methods, and secure notes, all completely free of charge. You can even share passwords with others. 

MIKY | Download

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