How to see tolls on Google maps | Easy Guide

Whether you want to save a few minutes when you arrive at your destination or you want to avoid spending extra money, you will be interested to know how to see tolls on Google Maps.

Our busy schedules can often become hell, so we have to do everything we can to save time. Those interested in knowing how to view tolls on Google Maps to know routes to save a few minutes, but no money, can activate this feature quickly and easily through the application.

To start, we enter a route on the map to indicate the way and Google Maps offers us the fastest option at no extra cost. If we want to find out if we have the option to use any tools, we just have to click on the icon with the three dots that we will find at the top right and disable the option ‘Avoid tolls’.

In this way, the application will show us the alternative with toll with which we can save some minutes. 

How to configure google maps to avoid tolls

However, tolls are not always the most practical option, especially for our pocket, so it is interesting to know how to configure Google Maps to avoid tolls. In this way, we can avoid having to go through one of these toll roads, which sometimes do not make as much difference as you might expect.

To avoid having to clarify every time we look for a route that we do not want to see the tolls, we can modify our data in the settings. When you open the application, press on the icon of your Google account that you will find at the top right of the screen and access ‘Settings’.

Then, a menu will appear in which we will have to scroll down until we find the option ‘Navigation settings’. There we can modify our preferences for using Google Maps, and if we scroll to the bottom we can see the option ‘Avoid tolls’. We activate this tab and all the searches we do from now on will appear without the alternatives with tolls. 

How to use google maps without highways

If we have the feeling that the main roads may be overflowing with traffic or we have heard on the radio that there is a considerable traffic jam, we can find out how to use Google Maps without highways. This is perhaps one of the most unknown tools of the application but at the same time one of the most useful.

There are two ways to disable the search for highways and freeways. The first, as we indicated in the case of tolls, is available once we have searched for a route on the map. We click on the icon with the three dots and activate the option ‘Avoid highways’, to see if we have any secondary alternative. Maybe it will be a little long, but in those terrifying mornings of traffic that usually occur from time to time, it can save us to get to work on time.

The other option is to enter through the settings. The procedure is again similar to the one explained above. We enter our user menu by clicking on our Google avatar and enter ‘Settings’. We scroll down until we find the ‘Navigation settings’ and again we scroll down a bit. In the same section as the tolls, we can activate the ‘Avoid highways’ tab, so that the default settings do not show us any more main roads.

Both options will leave already configured your application in this way, so if you want to make punctual use, do not forget to disable the option to avoid highways or you will always be offered longer secondary routes.