Complete Clubhouse App Tutorial from Zero to Hero in 2024

Are you using the Clubhouse app and wondering how does this thing works?

In this blog, I’m gonna help get rid of all your frustrations and all of your headaches and show you exactly

what you need to know to crush you with Clubhouse app.

Let’s do this.

What exactly is Clubhouse App?

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The clubhouse is a live audio app. And it’s an amazing experience where you can go into any room and listen to people talk on a wide breadth of topics.

You can take the stage, you can participate with people all over the world. And here’s the exciting part, when that live room is done, it’s gone forever.

Nothing is recorded, and this creates an implausible fear of missing out mentality that causes folks to pay innumerable hours on the app.

The great factor regarding edifice is it’s like networking on steroids.

You can make absolutely amazing connections very, very rapidly and discover really rich interactive content.

If you wanna be more successful in the clubhouse

You need to understand what the professionals are doing right now

In This Blog, I’m gonna break down absolutely everything you need to know. on this awesome platform.

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Functions of Club House Room

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So let us get comfortable with the essential elements of a room

A room in Clubhouse is very much like a room within a meeting corridor. You walk into a room and you first see individuals up on the stage.

Whenever you’re inside a room you can click the Leave quietly button and very, very easily leave the room.

The lifted hand icon at the bottom center of the application permits anybody in the room to click it and then the moderators are notified and they can choose to bring you up on the stage.

This is usually done when you’re in a room and they’re doing some sort of an important discussion, and they don’t want to be distracted by anyone raising their hands, but that can always be turned back on by the moderator whenever they want to.

The plus sign permits you to ping in somebody who you are following into the room.

So in case you’re in a room and you locate some content truly fascinating you can hit that plus sign, and you can look for people and you can tap on them, and out of nowhere they will be pinged directly into the room.

Any individual who’s talking inside the room will have a shape around their head and that is the manner by which you know who’s talking.

The mute sign in the bottom right-hand corner is how you mute and unmute yourself.

in rapid succession as a way of applauding. And by doing that, that sending a signal to everyone in the room that I appreciate what the speaker just said.

At whatever point you go up in front of an audience the overall convention is to mute yourself.

In the event that you neglect to do that sometimes moderators will do that for you. this removes the background noise

User Profiles in Clubhouse

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Now, one of the cool things about being in a room in the clubhouse app is you can go ahead and click on any person’s bio.

It could be someone on the stage. It could be someone in the audience. If you click on someone’s bio and then you swipe up

you can see the number of followers they have and who is following them. You can tap on who this individual is following. And when you do that, you’re going to start to see a series of clubs that this individual follows.

And as you keep on looking down the screen all the people that this individual is following, and you may start to need to follow some of these others.

Here’s the reason this is significant. There is an algorithm that settles on a choice about what content to show you dependent on who you are following.

There’s additionally a bio that depicts what this current individual’s about. Furthermore, in the event that you go to the very bottom you will likewise see access to this current individual’s Twitter account and their Instagram account.

And the most important thing is, There is no private messaging on this clubhouse app.

This is the reason you need to attach your Twitter account and your Instagram account, regardless of whether you’re not active on these platforms

This is the reason you need to attach your Twitter account and your Instagram account, regardless of whether you’re not active on these platforms

A great deal of the networking occurs outside the platform over on Instagram.

Clubs in Clubhouse

At the actual lower part of somebody’s profile are the clubs that they belong to.

Clubs create their own content and clubs have members and followers.

you can click on any one of the clubs, for example, the OG Club and you can see what that club is all about.

You can see who is the creator of that club is because is will the very first person listed on the club.

You can follow anyone in the club. There are clubs on everything you could possibly imagine.

So the key thing is if you need to follow clubs and if possible you need to join clubs, this will help you make a superior encounter inside the application.

Following Notifications & Suggestions in Clubhouse

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When you click on someone’s profile you have many options.

One option is obviously to follow them. Now here’s something really important to understand.

There is a bell icon to the left of everyone’s bio.

If you click on that bell icon it will say, always, sometimes, and never ever.

The magic of this app is that whenever someone you follow goes up on the stage you get notifications, and these notifications can get a little crazy because some people take the stage a lot.

There are some people who might not ever wanna be notified when they go up on the stage they default it sometimes, but there are some people who always want to be notified when they go up on the stage.

Those people can click on the bell icon

To the right of the following is also a little icon that has some stars inside of it. if you click on it will show you individuals that resemble that individual. Furthermore, it permits you to look through and find others to follow.

Profile & Notification Settings in Clubhouse

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I’m gonna share a little bit more about setting up your own profile

You will see your photo in the upper right-hand corner. If you click on that this is where you can begin to edit your profile.

Now, I wanna draw your attention to the gear in the upper right corner.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the notifications that come up.

What I strongly recommend is you turn off trending rooms and choose the frequency

to vary infrequent

Trust me on this one because you’re gonna get notifications nonstop

if you don’t set it to very infrequent.

I also wanna draw your attention to interests. When you first set up this app you probably were asked to push a couple of different buttons to indicate what you’re interested in, but there’s a lot more located here under interests.

For example, if we scroll down to the one called hustle this is where you can find

  • entrepreneurship
  • small business,
  • Clubhouse.

And if you go under tech, for example, you can find marketing.

I recommend you click on everything that you’re interested in because this helps tell the algorithm the types of content that you’re interested in.

The Hallway in Clubhouse

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We’re still in the room together, we’re gonna now click on All rooms. When we click on All rooms, we’re still in the room and you can always get back there just by clicking on those first two faces in the bottom left. In addition, you can still raise your hand.

You can still peace out. You can still mute and unmute yourself. But while you’re in the room, you can peruse what’s known as the hallway. And in the hallway, you’re gonna see all sorts of content that has been algorithmically curated

  • based on your interests,
  • based on the clubs that you belong to,
  • based on the people that you follow.

Now depending on what time of day you’re in the app you might not see a lot of activity going on.

So if you go all the way to the bottom you’re gonna see a little button that says explore.

And that’s gonna open up a lot more opportunity for you.

For example, undercover billionaire Q&A with Grant Cardone.

Starting a Room in Clubhouse

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You’re gonna see a big green button that says start a room and it’s always gonna be there. And it’s always gonna be alluring to you, start a room, start a room, start a room.

So when you click on Start a room you’re gonna see a couple of options that come up.

First of all, there are open rooms, there are social rooms and there are closed rooms.

  • Open rooms are spontaneous rooms that you can create and people will just pop in to automatically.

  • Social rooms are only for the people within your social network.

  • Closed rooms are only for people that you follow.

You can tell you’re in a closed room because there’s gonna be a lock sign next to it.

The important thing about starting a room is to click, Add a topic. This is where you get the opportunity to write in a description of the room.

Once you’re done with that, I’m just gonna say test.

You hit Set topic and you can always edit that before you start the room but you cannot edit it after you’ve started the room.

Moderator Settings in Clubhouse

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If you’re gonna start up a room consider making someone else a moderator just in case for whatever reason the app boots you out of the room.

That way the room will not be closed. In addition, when you are a moderator of a room

you have the ability to ask anybody from the audience

straight up on the stage whether they’ve raised their hands or not. You also have the ability to mute people as they come onto the stage.

In addition, you can take anyone and you can move them back to the audience, or you can go ahead and give them full moderation status.

Someone is a moderator when they have the little green dot next to their face, and they have full control of the room, just like you do.

In addition, the moderator can decide to turn on the hand-raising feature if they want to.

Any moderator can take a room that is private and click the Open it up button and all of a sudden it becomes a public room.

If you decide to do that you just want to make sure you title the room appropriately.

I’ve had typos in rooms before and had to restart rooms before I opened them up to the public.

Active Clubs & Users in Clubhouse

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All right, we’re still in the room. We’re gonna click back into the hallway.

When you’re in the hallway you can swipe left and all of a sudden you’re gonna see every person that you follow and what rooms that they’re in.

The little telephone-looking icon on the bottom right will be the same as the swipe left.

For example, I can see that KAUSHIK is in a room and called day 2 of 5.

I can click on any one of the faces and I can go right into that room, or on their description. Now to the right, you will see a little green icon that has plus room.

If I click that, it’s going to prompt whoever is one of my followers in here to come into a private room with me.

So don’t click that unless you really want to. As you continue to scroll down, you’ll notice that the dot on the face of individuals goes from dark green to light green, and there’s a minute indicator.

It tells you how long it’s been since those individuals had been on the platform.Wanna draw your attention to what happens up here on the top of the app.

Finding People & Clubs in Clubhouse

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The magnifying glass opens up an incredible opportunity for you to discover people to follow and clubs to follow.

If you click on it, first thing you’ll notice it says, find people in clubs, and you can type in Mclean for example, and you can see him there and you can go ahead and follow him.

If there was a club called Mclean you could click on clubs and find it. In addition, there is

the people to follow, the first amounts of people that you’re gonna see in here are people who have your phone number in their contact on their phone that you might know.

After that, you’re gonna begin to see people that are algorithmic, people that the app thinks that you’re interested in.

As you continue to scroll down, this is the equivalent of a directory of all the clubs on Clubhouse.

For example, if you remember under hustle where some interesting categories, one of them was Instagram.

So if we go on Instagram we’re going to see people interested in Instagram, and we’re also going to see clubs that are Instagram-related.

And this is an awesome way for you to begin to discover a lot more people to follow, and clubs to follow so that that curation of content in the hallway becomes highly customized to you.

It’s worth saying that there are thousands of rooms going on at any given time, and you’re only seeing a small fragment on them.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you curate your interests and your following appropriately within this app.

Notifications in Clubhouse

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Let’s talk about the notifications bell. It’s gonna be red when there are important notifications.

You’re gonna notice the number of people who have started following. You can click on the little paragraph and you can scroll through the list. And if you recognize anyone, you can begin to follow them.

Clubhouse app Invite

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As of now, this is an invite-only platform.

Now, this is where you’ll find your invitations, this envelope with the star indicator at the top.

If you click on it you will see how many invitations that you have. Now, it’s very important for you to understand that as of now, these invitations are only going to work for someone who has an iPhone or who has an iPad.

You need to make sure that they’re listed in your phone directory, in your contacts list.

That’s how you can send an invitation. If you’re super active on the platform and you are giving away your invitations, you will get more invitations. I started with one invitation.

Then all of a sudden I got three invitations then I got four invitations.

So don’t feel like you have to hold onto your invitations.

Feel free to give them away because every week you might get more invitations.

One of the little ninja hacks, if someone you happen to have in your contacts directory is new to the app, you will notice a little number sign that shows up in the bell, and you will have the choice to allow them to get to the top of the line and get into the app without using one of your invites.

So if you see that bell you might wanna consider doing that and here’s why, if you click on anyone’s profile and scroll to the bottom, you will see who nominated them. And that affiliation is tied to that profile forever.

And there are some people you really wanna let into the app because if they take off on the app and a lot of people check out their profile, they might see you at the bottom as the person who nominated them into the app.

Events: Scheduled Rooms in Clubhouse

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Back in the hallway, we are, you’ll see at the very top there’s also an icon that

looks like a calendar.

It’s going to show you events that have started within the last hour.

And as you continue to scroll down you can see all of these different events. And if you click the bell you will be notified when these events start.

And when you start an event, you can go ahead and you can assign different people to the event.

You can click on these people and check them out and see who they are And you can also share this on Twitter. You can copy a link, you can add it to the calendar.

If you don’t see anything that’s interesting to you go back up to the top and click on All upcoming.

All upcoming we’ll literally show you the entire swash of events that people have put on the calendar.

Not every room is calendared. As a matter of fact, quite a few rooms are not calendared at all.

So what you see in the calendar is just those who have gotten organized enough to plan a room,

but this opens you up to an entirely new opportunity to find new people, find new rooms, find new information, find new friends.

You may wanna put some of these on your calendar depending on if you’ve turn notifications off, so you remember to actually go in and experience the event.

How to Get Discovered on Clubhouse

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As I promised earlier, I’m going to share my ninja tips on how to get discovered on Clubhouse.

The directory is keyword-rich. So it’s really, really important when you craft your profile that you write it in such a way that it contains words and phrases that people might wanna search for.

For example, social media marketing geek, Hacker, Affiliate Marketer

As you write out your description you’re going to want to put words in there that might show up in the search engine.

When you’re in a room, people are going to look at your profile and trying to detect with their eyes whether you’re someone they want to follow or not.

So even if it’s uncomfortable for you to brag a little bit, you should share some of the things that you have accomplished in your profile.

So as people are scrolling they can begin to see more about who you are and what you’re interested in.

Another thing is to include topics that interest me.

This is important for people who might be looking at you as you’re in the audience and deciding to pull you up on the stage.

And the last thing is do not forget to connect your social media accounts. You will be surprised at the kind of business opportunities that will present themselves on this app.

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