How To Play With Google Chrome T-Rex Directly On Your Android Phone

Find out how to play with Google Chrome T-Rex. If you want to learn how to play with Google Chrome’s T-Rex directly on your Android mobile you no longer need to go offline.

Are you one of those people who has come to enjoy when you run out of internet connection thanks to the popular dinosaur game? Now you can learn how to play Google Chrome T-Rex directly on your Android mobile without any hiccups.

The popular dinosaur game is a Google Chrome easter egg for those moments when, for whatever reason, we run out of Internet connection. A situation that is usually quite desperate, but now we can combat it with one of those extremely simple but very engaging games. Google Chrome T-Rex has a large number of followers all over the world.

But if this game is fun, you won’t be waiting for your Internet connection to go down to enjoy it. Therefore, many fans of the popular dinosaur were looking forward to a way to enjoy one of their favorite games without any setbacks.

The most “classic” way to be able to play T-Rex from your mobile without waiting for an error is to put the mobile in airplane mode. In this way, as you have no Internet connection either from a WiFi network or from your data connection, for the terminal it is the same as if there was a connection error. Therefore, when you open the Chrome app, the popular dinosaur will appear and you will be able to enjoy the game.

But if you put your phone in airplane mode you will miss calls and messages that may be urgent or important. Therefore, Google has decided to respond to the wishes of many of its users and give them an option to enjoy T-Rex without having to be disconnected.

To do this, it has just launched two new Google Chrome widgets that have direct access to the dinosaur game. This way, you will be able to enjoy this fun easter egg without having to wait for a problem to happen or deliberately disconnect.

How To Use The New Google Chrome Widgets On Your Android Phone

Now that you know that thanks to them you can enjoy the dinosaur game, you’re probably wondering how to use the new Google Chrome widgets on your Android mobile. Something that is quite simple, especially if you are familiar with Android widgets.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have enough space on your home screen to place the widget you want to have at hand.

Now you must leave your finger pressed for a few seconds on an empty space on the screen. At the bottom you will see a menu where you can choose from several options. You must choose the Widgets option. Now, scroll sideways through all the available widgets of the apps you have installed until you reach Google Chrome. When you click on its name, two possibilities will appear.

Within Chrome you have two possibilities. One of them is directly the dinosaur game. If you place it on your home screen, you simply have to click on it and you can start playing. Whether you have an Internet connection or not, by simply entering this widget you will have the option to jump cactus with your T-Rex just like when the network has decided to take a break.

The other Chrome widget is a bit more comprehensive. A text box will appear in which you can enter any search term. Also a microphone icon in case you want to do a voice search. Next to it, you will find an icon through which you can go directly to the navigation in incognito mode. And finally an icon with a dinosaur that will be your gateway to the popular T-Rex game.