How to use ‘Google Translate’ without internet connection or mobile data?

To begin with, Google translate is an application that helps the user to translate sentences or conversations into any language he/she needs. It is used by entering a text to the application by means of an image or manually.

This application is mostly used by users, for example, on a trip to another country to communicate with the locals, the best thing about it is that it works without an internet connection. Read on and you will find out how to do it. It is also widely used to translate a website easily.

How to use Google Translator without an internet connection?

The first thing you have to do is to download the languages, there are 103 languages available and only 53 are available for offline use.

From the computer

To use this fabulous tool, the first thing you must do is to configure the application on your computer, for this you must download the application from your browser, you will get it with the name Bluestacks which is an Android simulator, from there go to Play Store and search for ‘Google Translate’ and download the application.

After we have the application, you must do the same as mentioned regarding Android devices, go to the application, select offline translation and from there choose the languages provided to start using them without internet connection.

With the App

To download the languages on Android you must enter the app, select offline translation, previously you will get the list of downloaded languages and other options to download, select and start downloading them. After that, you will have languages to use them without internet connection.

For iOS you must access the application, select settings -> offline translation -> Click on the + symbol in the upper right corner to access the list of available languages, from there you must select the languages available and you need.

 The languages you download will be saved for when you need them and so, if you are out of your country or when you need to communicate in a language you do not master you can use the application without any problem without the need to connect to a WiFi network or have a mobile network.

Unfortunately, this is not available for the web version, so if you want to use the translator without a network connection you must go through the whole process mentioned above. Another option is to change the language if you need to.

How to configure ‘Offline Translation’ in Google Translate?

  • Log in to the Google Translate application.
  • Tap the three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen to open the menu.
  • In the column that opened, click on Offline Translation.
  • The list of available languages will appear. Tap the language you want to download.
  • In the window that opens, the application indicates the file size. Click on download to get it and be able to use this language offline.

How to download language packs to use the translator offline?

Previously, we had said that you should download the languages before using the application offline, for this you must connect to a Wifi network or with your mobile data.

The same procedure is followed on both iOS and Android, go to the application, look for the Offline Translation section and there you will see the language packs that the translator brings you.

It is important that Android users give the application permission to access the device storage, since that is where the languages we want are downloaded.

iOS devices will show us the list of languages and their updates that Google recommends to download for a better result in their translations. If we want more languages, we just have to click on the symbol (+) located at the top right of the screen. From there you can use the language you want on any device without internet connection and even in airplane mode.

How to activate notifications of updates for new language packs to download?

Google Translate notifies you when there are new updates for the languages you use, how to download the updates? -> connect to a Wi-Fi network or your mobile data, open the Translator application, click on Settings -> Offline Translation and you will immediately see the list of available languages on your device.

To update the version of a language pack, tap the UPDATE VERSION option located at the bottom of that language and that’s it, hopefully it will download and you can continue to enjoy a more perfect translation with each update.

If you want to remove a specific language from your language list, just click on remove and then accept that you want to remove that language. With this tool, you can translate text to image if you wish or even translate text within an image.

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