How to Repair your old and cracked photos from your cell phone

Do you have a nostalgic moment? We show you how to repair your old and cracked photos from your cell phone in a simple way.

The old photos we keep of our parents or grandparents are a real treasure. But sometimes over time they end up cracked and damaged so that unless we are very careful we can lose them. Therefore, this time we are going to learn how to repair your old and cracked photos from your cell phone. In this way, you will have a digital copy in which the cracks and flaws have disappeared, preserving its original appearance.

Repairing cracked and old photos have always been possible with tools like Photoshop and other similar photo editors. But it had to be done by hand and it was quite a laborious task. What we are going to learn this time is how to do it automatically by just uploading the images to an app on your smartphone.

To do this we are going to use the MyHeritage application. It is a totally free application that is initially designed for creating family trees, but it has tools that can be very useful for photo retouching.

Steps to repair your photos with MyHeritage

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The first thing you have to do to repair your photos is to enter MyHeritage and upload the old photos you want to repair. Then go to the Photos section and you will see all the photos you have uploaded. There you will have to choose the photo you want to fix.

If the application detects that the photo is damaged, you will see a button with an icon in the form of a band-aid with the legend Repair at the top. When you click on it, the program will automatically eliminate all the cracks and scratches it can find in the photo. In this way, it will be as good as new.

If it does not detect it as damaged but you think it is, click on the icon with three dots that will appear at the top. There a menu will appear where you can find the Repair button. Once the photo is fixed, in addition to having it stored in MyHeritage, you will also have the option to download it and have it on your mobile device.

What else we can do in MyHeritage

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Although this option is very useful, MyHeritage is not really a photo editor, so fixing old images is not its main function.

MyHeritage allows you to create a family tree with images of your relatives, both current and ancestors. It has a very interesting version that allows you to animate the photos you have of people who are no longer with you. Having a slideshow with moving photos of your entire family is undoubtedly a very interesting souvenir that most users will love.

But probably one of its most interesting functions is to help you find new family members. With a community of more than 80 million users, you will be able to get in touch with people with whom you have common family roots and whom you may not know personally. It also has an important registry with a large number of people in which you will be able to find relatives who at some point were lost track of.