What Does The 1 That Appears When I Send A Photo Or Video On Whatsapp Mean?

Want to know what the 1 that appears when I send a photo or video on WhatsApp means? Discover the new update with disappearing images…

Can you imagine being able to send photos and videos on WhatsApp and have them disappear once they have been viewed? This reality is getting closer and closer, so we tell you what the 1 that appears when I send a photo or video on WhatsApp means.

Sending ephemeral images, as you can do in other apps like Telegram or Instagram, will also be possible in WhatsApp thanks to the latest update of the application. In an attempt to take care of its users’ privacy, the app will offer this option on Android devices first, and later on iPhone.

For the moment, it is only available to those who have access to WhatsApp beta version If you are one of those people you may have already wondered what the 1 that appears when you send a photo or video on WhatsApp means. If this is not the case, keep reading anyway, it is better to be forewarned and know this new feature before it catches you by surprise. Take note!

What Does The 1 That Appears When I Send A Photo Or Video On Whatsapp Mean?

When you have shared an image in a chat or in a group, you may have noticed something different: a circle with a number 1 inside in the bar where you can add a comment before sending that image. That’s why we’re going to tell you what the 1 that appears when you go to send a photo or video on WhatsApp means and how to use this feature as soon as you have it available.

Enter WhatsApp and share a photo or video (either from your gallery or just made from the application) with a person or group.

Next to the little arrow that usually appears, you will see a number 1 (to the right of where you can normally write a text accompanying the photo), if you press this option, it means that the image can not be seen again once it has been opened and then closed.

When you do so, the app itself will warn you that you are using this function. You have to click OK, and then send. In the following image you can see how the photo or video appears when sent, and that they cannot be previewed in the conversation unless it is opened.

Once the image has been sent, you will be able to know when the person to whom it was sent has opened it, as this will be indicated in the conversation itself. If you are the one who receives it, keep in mind that, even if you have the message reading confirmation disabled (the double blue tick), the other person will know that you have opened the picture anyway.

What happens to the person who receives the photo or video? The recipient will see in their chat the word “Photo” or “Video” and a number 1 in a circle next to it. When clicked, they will also receive a message warning that the photo disappears once they close it.

Although this update aims to ensure the privacy of the app users, it has a trick: although the image will not be saved on the device of the person you send it to and they will not be able to see it again, they will be able to take a screenshot or record the video; so this function does not ensure 100% that the image will no longer be in the hands of the person to whom you have sent it. Therefore, we recommend that you think carefully about the type of content you send.

Another point to keep in mind is that users who do not yet have this update installed, although they cannot send images that disappear, will be able to see them if they receive them.