How to take screenshots on Android TV | Every methods Explained

Something that you usually do so often on our mobile as it is to make a screenshot, is also available to your TVs with Android TV. However, not everyone knows how to take screenshots on a TV with the most popular operating system and you want to show you how you can do it.

There is no need to complicate in some cases, but in others, it may be impossible or very difficult. That is why you first have to remember the question that most people ask since they do not think that this possibility is available to us as it happens with cell phones

Is it possible to take screenshots on Android TV?

A question which you can not answer categorically since this depends on the brand of the TV and the device, not only the operating system. It does not depend only on the system and not even on the product, because it also has a close relationship with the remote control.

Therefore, in order to recover in a better way, you have to try the methods you are going to mention on your TV at the same time as us and you will find out if you can really make the screenshots.

Screenshots on TV Boxes

The easiest option to take screenshots is on the Android TV Box, one of the fastest and cheapest ways to turn an old TV into a Smart TV offers us the ability to take screenshots with the buttons on the remote control without costing us any trouble.

Capture 555

All you have to do is press the off and volume down buttons at the same time, which will create an animation on the TV to let us know that the screenshot has been taken correctly.

Few TVs beyond TV Boxes offer this function, but you should try it since it is the simplest method.

An app to take screenshots on the TV

Capture1 92

In case the previous option did not work, you can always resort to the applications that are within Google Play on our Android TV. Here the apps also save us from trouble and give us more solutions. Also adding the function of taking screenshots with another button on the remote control.

you just have to download and install the Button Mapper app, open it and choose which button of the remote control you want to use to take the screenshot. As the app is in English you will have to use the “Screenshot” function and assign it to the desired button and you can also configure it with a double-tap on a button on the controller.

What can you do afterward with the screenshot?

Once you manage to take screenshots on Android TV with any of the methods, you will have to resort to a storage manager to move the screenshot images from storage to a flash drive or storage device since it is not easy to share files from the TV itself.

What if nothing has worked?

In case nothing you have done so far has been useful on your TV, you will have to resort to the more classic options. Although the result will not be perfect, you can always take a picture of the TV with the cell phone and try to get it as straight as possible if you are worried about the result.

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