How to use multiple Amazon accounts at once | Guide

Do we want to use multiple Amazon accounts together? Let’s see how to do it on all devices (Fire TV, Alexa, smartphones, and PCs)

If you have several Amazon accounts (for example, a personal account and an account intended for your company or business), it can be very useful to have them both ready to use on the same PC, without having to necessarily configure two different browsers. Amazon allows you to easily manage the multi-account on all the most popular devices and can be configured in multi-account both from the web browser and from the dedicated apps (for example the Android and iPhone/iPad apps); we can then quickly switch from the personal account to the business account (and vice versa) with a few mouse clicks or a few taps on the screen.

In this guide, let’s see together how to use multiple Amazon accounts simultaneously on PC, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Alexa-compatible voice assistant devices (e.g. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Studio).

How to change Amazon account

Changing Amazon accounts is all in all simple since all we have to do is add the other accounts to the browser or app in use and choose, once logged in, whether to use the personal account or one of the accounts added later.

Change Amazon account on PC

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  1. To change Amazon account on PC we open the main page of Amazon on our favorite browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is fine) 
  2. press at the top on the menu Accounts and lists and, if you have already logged in with your main account, scroll up to find the section Other accounts, press on Sign in with Amazon and, in the new window and  press on Use another account
  3. In the new screen that will open press on the Add Account and provide the login credentials 
  4. Repeat the necessary steps seen above to add more than two accounts. 
  5. To quickly switch from one account to another (after adding them) we bring the mouse in the upper right corner on Accounts and Lists and select the item Use another account. 
  6. From the same screen, we can also remove Amazon accounts that we no longer want to access or that we want to remove access to.

Change Amazon account on smartphone or tablet

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To change Amazon account on smartphones and tablets open the app dedicated to our platform (the download links are present in the introduction of the guide), click on the top left on the hamburger icon, press on the menu My Account, click on Use another account and select the item Add Account

Enter the credentials of the account you want to control so that you have them available even on the go; to change the account, open the same screen as before and click on the account to be used at that precise moment of the day. If we have multiple accounts to manage and we want to delete one of them, let’s go to the same screen as before and press the Manage button, so we can remove the Amazon accounts we are no longer interested in (just press the X-shaped button next to the account name).

Change Amazon account on Fire TV Stick

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Unfortunately, on Fire TV Stick you can’t use multiple accounts at the same time, but we can always remove the existing account registration and add a brand new one. To do so, turn on the Fire TV Stick and the TV to which it is connected, switch to the right video output (one of the HDMI ports), go to the Settings menu, select the My Account menu, press Amazon Accounts and then select Unregister, which you have to press twice.

After disconnecting the account press on Sign in with your Amazon account, press on the item I already have an Amazon account, take note of the code displayed on the TV and, proceeding from any browser (from PC but also a smartphone) connect to the main page of Amazon, log in with the account to be used on Fire TV Stick and, as soon as the screen Register your device appears, enter the code displayed on the TV, to finish the registration.

Change Amazon accounts on Alexa

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Even with Amazon Alexa, you can only use one Amazon account at a time; if we want to change accounts all we have to do is disconnect from the old one and immediately enter the new credentials on the Echo device in use (or any other device compatible with Alexa voice commands). To proceed let’s open the Amazon Alexa app on our phone or tablet (the app is available for Android and iPhone), let’s go to the More menu, open the Settings menu, scroll down the page to the bottom and press the Exit button, present at the bottom on the name of the account used so far.

Now we can enter the credentials of the new account within the app, but to associate it with the various Echo devices, we will have to reset them individually. To reset them, simply hold down the Action button for 20 seconds, until the LED light or circle flashes again;


The Amazon account is always very personal and we should never allow anyone to add it without our permission, but nothing prohibits us from having two separate Amazon accounts for personal things and the company’s business, so we can choose at any time whether to buy with the personal card or with the company funds.

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