How To Convert Link To Bar Code Or Qr Code

We also know that many of our transactions are done in encrypted form via the QR bar code, due to programs or bots randomly entering URL links, and also to keep the link confidential when you want to send it to another person. If you want to convert a URL link into a barcode, you can do it easily using an external website, or via Google Chrome if you use it

There are other reasons why you may want to convert the link to a barcode, such as when you want to access a web page on another phone without having to type the long URL that will take time to write.

What is a barcode or QR code?

QR Code URL is a technical solution that will help you convert any web page URL into a QR code. And thanks to this encrypted code that hides the web page behind it, you can see it quickly on any phone or tablet, all that is needed is a scan of the camera on that barcode or Qr code, and that web page will open on your device. Only you should use a barcode scanning app or a Chrome Share QrCodes advantage on the Google Chrome browser.

How to convert the link to a barcode

Convert the link to a barcode by following these simple steps. We will use a website that allows you to create barcodes or QR codes for various digital issues.

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Log in to the QR-code-generator site. As you can see from the site, you can create barcodes for all sorts of things, including URL, text, VCard, Emails, SMS, PDF files, images, social media accounts, etc. Since we want to convert a link to a barcode, select a URL option.

Then, place the URL of a website or webpage in the box, as shown in the image below.

Once you put the URL link, it will generate its own Qr code. You can download this code by clicking on the Download button or you can download the vector format.

It is interesting about the site that it allows you to customize the shape of the QR code according to what you want, like putting your own logo on it and changing the style of code for different types, but some shapes must be registered on the site first.

If you want to include the logo in the code, and use one of the forms that require registration on the site, just click on the “Sign Up” button, then put your data such as email address, password, in addition to the type of use. Once you have registered, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Enter the email and verify the account.

You can now log into your account on the website by entering the email address and password. Once you do that, click on the Create Qr Code button located on the top side.

On the next page, since we want to generate a barcode for the URL or in other words the web page, select a Website option “Website”, then click the Next button “Next”.

Now, in the field, enter the URL of the website or web page, then click the Next button “Next” again.

You will now see a page to customize your Qr code to your liking.

  • You can define a frame for your QR code and include the word of your choice, for example, “Scan me”. You can also specify the color of the frame according to your preferences.
  • You can choose the style of the coded code, as the site allows you to choose from 6 different colors, in addition to specifying the color.
  • You can include the logo on your Qr code, just click on the import “Upload” button, then choose the image or logo of your device to include it in the code.
  • You can also create a URL link to display the barcode on the web.

Once you are done adjusting the appearance of your barcode, click on the three-dot option next to the Upload button. Download “Then upload the Qr code image in the desired format, such as JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS.

What happens after the link is converted to Qr code?

We have finished converting the URL link to a barcode with ease using this awesome website. There are other sites that allow you to do this, but I personally prefer this site because the code can be customized there. Okay, and after you convert the link to a barcode?

Now you can keep the code you created and when someone wants to visit this web page, you can send this code to them or print it and paste it in public places if needed. Anyone can open the URL link in this barcode using one of the barcode reader apps or the original iPhone camera, just scan the camera on this code and a notification will appear to open the URL on the browser.

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