What does “no delivery drivers nearby” mean on Uber eats?

Ever wondered what “no delivery drivers nearby” means on Uber Eats? Find out why you may not be able to place your order.

It’s a common scene every day on social media, with many users wondering what “no delivery drivers nearby” means on Uber Eats. This is one of the most dreaded messages for all those who want to place a home order and suddenly find themselves with the absence of delivery drivers available to take it to their homes. Why is this?

It should be noted that Uber’s business model works thanks to the work of autonomous delivery drivers who use their motorcycles or bicycles, as well as their available time to make deliveries. At times of peak demand for orders, which usually occurs in the evenings and on weekends, it may be the case that the number of delivery drivers is not sufficient to supply a given area, which is why you see this message on your cell phone.

Uber has dealt with this type of claims constantly on social networks, and the only thing it can do in these cases is to suggest the user try again later. Even if you live in a big city where the service is well established, you have to keep in mind that Uber Eats is not yet as well established as Just Eat or Glovo, so you can also try placing the same order on those apps in case you have better luck with their delivery drivers.

We are not available at this time on uber eats.

“We are currently unavailable on Uber Eats” is another one of the most dreaded messages for users when they want to place an order. There are two reasons why you may find that a restaurant is not available on the app: the first is the schedule, a fact that should always be checked when placing an order. Food delivery services are not always available first thing in the morning and it is easier to find them from 1:00 p.m. onwards.

The second reason you may not be able to order food delivery when you want it is because the Uber Eats service is not yet available in your location. Almost all large and medium-sized cities have Uber Eats delivery drivers available, but they do not yet have a total presence throughout the territory. Therefore, we recommend that you check this link to see if your city is included in the list where the application does work.

Why can’t I order from uber eats?

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The reasons why I can’t order in Uber Eats can be varied. The main ones are the ones we have already mentioned above: the absence of delivery drivers in your area at that particular moment when you place the order or that your city is not yet on the list of locations where Uber Eats works

However, other potential drawbacks must also be taken into account. To be able to place an order in the application it is advisable to check first that we do not have any connection problems. Check first that everything is working properly with your wifi or data connection. Otherwise, there will be no way to place the order. Another possibility is that there is a problem with the payment method you have chosen, maybe your credit card has expired or there is some other problem with your Paypal user if this is your choice.

When you enter the application, go to the ‘Account’ menu at the bottom right and then go to ‘Payment’. There you can click on ‘Add payment method’ to configure which payment method you prefer (cash payment is also allowed) to be able to place your orders without any problems.

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