How to set the Ghost effect in TikTok

Learn how to use the ghost effect in Tiktok step by step.

If you love the paranormal and you use TikTok, you have to know how to put the ghost effect in TikTok. It will not leave you indifferent and you will be able to give a scare to your friends and acquaintances just by sending them the video.

TikTok has become the trendy platform for creating and sharing short videos. It is the most downloaded application of the moment on both Android and iOS and is a rage among teenagers since 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

One of the most used functions in TikTok is the effects. These personalize the videos, giving them a creative, original, and different touch. Among these effects are the terrifying ones, those that when you apply them turn reality into dark and scary.

If you apply one of these terrifying effects and add a sound of mystery you can have as a result a video that scares and surprises your friends and acquaintances. Today we show you one of these effects that will give a touch of fear to your videos, we show you how to put the ghost effect in TikTok.

  • Once you have installed the TikTok application on your cell phone, knowing how to put the ghost effect is a fairly simple task.
  • The first thing you have to do is to open TikTok and click on the magnifying glass icon called “Trends”. This is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then in the search box type “Ghost” and hit “search”.
  • The first result that appears is the effect. Click to enter it. Now you will see videos where this effect has been applied.
  • You can also add it to your favorites to keep it in your effects gallery.

If you click on the red button with a camera icon inside you will access the recording screen with the effect already applied. Now choose an image from the gallery by pressing the + button to set it as background. Then on the moving person, the transparent effect will be applied which will give a total ghost feeling.

Choose “Add a sound” at the back and search for “horror” or “scary music” to make your video even scarier. Then start recording the video. When you finish, stop the video by clicking on the red button and click on the next button to publish it.

TikTok wavy reality effect

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Besides knowing how to put the ghost effect in TikTok there is another similar effect is the TikTok wavy reality effect that can also be useful as a ghost or horror effect.

This effect follows the movement of any object or person in TikTok that moves in space. It appears to be a specter or aura that is constantly displayed. The wavy reality effect is especially impressive when used in low light or dark places.

To use the wavy reality effect just look for it in the trends section. This effect is not suitable for photo-sensitive people. Look for it in Trends under the name “wavy reality”.

How to use TikTok’s wiggly effect

Now that you know how to use the ghost effect in TikTok, we are going to show you another similar one, the effect in which it seems that your soul is coming out of your body in TikTok.

As the name suggests it looks like your soul escapes from the prison of your body. Let’s start applying it. Search in Trends for the effect “The soul comes out”. Add it to favorites and hit the red button with the camera icon so you can start applying it.

Getting the hang of this effect seems a bit difficult, but it’s not, you just need to have some patience. Put your arms forward and stand still for a few seconds, then slide your body to the side, as if you were a zombie. You will see how you appear again in a more ghostly effect.

If you want to deactivate the effect simply put your hand on your face. Many users accompany this effect with the song BOO! 

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