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The number of people interested in knowing how to use the TikTok wings effect is growing all the time. Here’s everything you need to know about this effect.

One of the keys to success on every social network is knowing how to surf the waves of trends. These days, many tiktokers want to know how to use the TikTok wings effect to add it to their videos. By uploading content using a popular effect with its corresponding hashtag, it is easier for your video to appear on many more screens and you can gain followers and impact on TikTok.

What is the tiktok angel wings effect that everyone uses?

If you are wondering what is the TikTok Angel Wings Filter effect that everyone is using, we are sorry to warn you that there is bad news if you read us from Spain. The 3D Wings effect is not yet available in our country, as we can check if we access its URL.

Anyway, if you want to be aware if the application ends up adding this effect in our country, by clicking the ‘+’ icon with which we upload a new video you will have to enter the ‘Effects’ section. There appear the icons of the different effects that we have at our disposal, so you can check from time to time if this icon appears, which is the wings effect that is having so much popularity. If you click on ‘New’ you will see the latest news.

You may find many tutorials on how to add this effect to your videos, but they are usually from other countries where it is possible to use it. TikTok no longer allows its latest updates to change the region, which limits us a lot when it comes to enjoying effects that are generating a lot of interaction in other countries.

There are also tutorials that suggest using a VPN, although this trick does not guarantee that we will be able to use this wing effect in our videos. Users who have cell phones that can insert two SIM cards can try their luck by adding a SIM from the region that does allow the use of these effects, but it seems too cumbersome a solution to use a simple effect on TikTok, no matter how viral it may be.

How to search for an effect in tiktok by name

One of the drawbacks of the effects in this social network is that they are represented by icons that do not always help to identify them, so we should know how to search for an effect in TikTok by name. To do this, we can use the application’s search engine found in the lower menu bar and type the name of the effect.

If we don’t know what name it has, we can always look at the hashtags included by the content creators who have previously published it. Within the search engine, we can also filter by hashtags, which will undoubtedly make our search more fluid and effective.

Let’s take as an example the wings effect we were talking about at the beginning of this article. When searching for 3D Wings we will see a large list of videos that have used this filter. If it is available in our location, we will see a yellow highlighted text with the name of the effect, but if it is not, we will only see the hashtags included by the tiktoker. 

Once the whole process is detailed, do not despair for not being able to use this filter. It is possible that the angel wings will soon be available on our phones,  we have already compiled some effects that will also guarantee you a good share of virality to become a category influencer. You can use the ghost effect to terrify your contacts, the mega head effect to appear with a huge and funny head, the dramatic effect… There are no limits to your creativity.

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