Why Did I Receive An Unsolicited Sms With A Tiktok Verification Code?

Have you received an unsolicited SMS with a Tiktok verification code? All is peace and quiet until a strange notification arrives on your cell phone. Why did I receive an SMS with a TikTok verification code without asking for it?

Some notifications that arrive on our phone may arouse concern, such as those that make us wonder why I received an SMS with a TikTok verification code without asking for it. This may be due to two reasons that we should be alert to avoid compromising the security of our account or our device.

When you receive the SMS with the TikTok verification code, it may be that someone from outside is trying to access your account, but encounters this security barrier. The application wants to maximize the protection of its users, so it usually sends these codes to avoid precisely that, that someone sneaks into your account. If you have not requested the code, you do not have to do anything, but it never hurts to reinforce the security of your TikTok profile in the application settings.

Another option, also dangerous, is that someone has sent you the TikTok verification code scam by SMS. This case of smishing (similar to phishing) but via SMS and not email, aims to get unsuspecting users to click on the link in the message to access their data or, worse, infect their device with a Trojan. Whether you suspect someone has tried to access your account or not, never click on a link. If you need to change your TikTok password or security settings, log in directly to the app and not through links like this.

The SMS scam asking for the TikTok verification code can reach all types of users, even people who have never had or have an account on this social network. It never hurts to be extremely cautious with the messages we receive.

How To Secure My Tiktok Account

To avoid unpleasant attempts to steal your profile, you should know how to secure your TikTok account efficiently. To do this, you will have to activate the two-step authentication so that, in case an intruder wants to access your profile, it will be practically impossible and you will be informed at all times. Open the application and click on the ‘Profile’ button that you will find in the bottom menu bar. Then, we will have to deploy the menu by clicking on the icon with three horizontal stripes on the top right and select the option ‘Settings and privacy’ and access ‘Security’.

The next thing we will have to do will be to access ‘Two-step verification’ to be able to choose how we want to strengthen the security of our profile. We will have to activate two of the proposed verification methods (phone number, email or password setting) and click on ‘Activate’.

With these measures, every time someone tries to access your TikTok account, you will receive a warning through the established channels, alerting you that someone is trying to access your profile without permission.

What Is The Tiktok Verification Code?

These alerts, either by SMS or email, usually come with a six-digit code. If you’re wondering what the TikTok verification code is, it’s a method of making sure it’s really you trying to access your profile.

Upon receipt of the code, access to your account can only be guaranteed if the six-digit number is copied and pasted into the application (or on the web if you are trying to log in via a browser).

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