How To Add Subtitles to your TIKTOK videos in 2024

TikTok gets better with this new Subtitles feature.

Important news comes out TikTok which is causing the most Impact nowadays: TikTok has added an automatic captioning system that aims to make the service accessible to a greater number of people. In this way, users who have some kind of hearing difficulty or who can’t understand the slang will be able to enjoy the Tiktok content. Obviously, this feature will also be very practical to continue enjoying TikTok videos, even in those places where it is not possible to activate the audio. If you’re wondering how to add subtitles to your TikTok videos, read on.


Before continuing, we must mention that subtitles must be enabled by the TikTok content creators at the time they upload the video. The TikTok servers will receive the audio of the TikTok video and will generate the full text of the sequence. Afterward, the user can edit the subtitles by correcting any spelling errors to offer their followers better results. But how do you activate subtitles to your TikTok Videos? It is very simple:


TikTok allows content creators to edit automatically generated captions.

  1. Record your Tiktok video normally and upload it. You can also activate subtitles to your previously published TikTok videos.
  2. Edit the Subtitle by pressing the pencil icon.

Those who view your Tiktok video can able to choose between viewing the subtitles or turning on the sound. This function is currently available in English and Japanese language, in addition to other features that TikTok has added in terms of accessibility. For example, animated thumbnails can be used instead of still images, and warnings are used to notify creators. 


Unfortunately, the automatic subtitles option is not yet available in all languages. However, nothing prevents you from adding subtitles to your TikTok creations manually. You can add subtitles manually using the TikTok text function, which allows you to make a piece of text appear and disappear at the most proper moment.

Follow the steps mentioned below to manually add subtitle to TikTok videos:

  1. Record your Tiktok video and when you’re done, go to the edit screen.
  2. Press on the Text icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type the text using the keyboard of your device.
  4. To finish, press Done to insert the text.
  5. Place the text where you see fit on the screen.
  6. Long-press on it, and in the pop-up menu, tap on Set duration.
  7. Use the timeline to locate the text in the Tiktok video. Then, click on the confirmation button.

Now before publishing, play the TikTok video and check whether the text appears only in the time period you have set.

In addition to setting the appearance time of a text, it is possible to modify other values, such as its color, font, or size.

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