How To Stop Them From Seeing Me Online On Whatsapp

You do not want your contacts can control when you are online? We teach you how to make so that they do not see me online on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has several options to help you maintain your privacy, such as removing the read confirmation or the last connection time. But there is something that you will not find in the settings options of the messaging tool, and that is how to do to not be seen me online on WhatsApp. But just because we can’t do it from the app’s settings doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Depending on whether you are Connected from your smartphone or from WhatsApp Web, the procedure for not being caught online will be one or the other.

How To Avoid Being Seen Online On Whatsapp Web

If you usually spend a lot of time connected to the tool from your computer, you’re probably wondering how to do to not be seen online on WhatsApp Web.

Just as there isn’t a way to remove the Online status on the mobile app, there isn’t on the web version of the platform either. So, no matter how hard you look in the settings you won’t find a way to remove this. However, there are Chrome extensions that allow you to access WhatsApp Web incognito. In this way, you will be able to read your contacts’ messages and even reply to them, but they will not be able to know that you have been connected, thus respecting your privacy much more.

Although there are several options, one of the most recommended is WAIcognito, which has some options that can be very interesting.

For example, you will be able to program the moment in which the notification that you have read the message is sent to the other person. So, if you want them to know that you have read it but not look like you are anxiously waiting for them to write to you, you can schedule the reading confirmation to arrive later. Of course, you can also make it never arrive, so that the other person does not know if you have read it or not.

In any case, it is important that we do not depend too much on this type of application. WhatsApp does not usually allow them in its terms of use, so it is possible that sooner or later they will stop working or you may even have problems to keep your account.

How To Be Online On Whatsapp Without Being Seen Online In 2022

If you usually use the application from your cell phone, knowing how to be online on WhatsApp without being seen online in 2022 is a little easier. And is that although the option is still not available to put it and remove it to your liking yes there are several tricks that can help you so that others can not find out if you are connected on WhatsApp or not. And this time without resorting to third-party applications of dubious reputation.

The first trick is to read and reply to messages from the notification bar. WhatsApp only counts you as being online when you have the app open. But the latest versions of Android give you the ability to read and reply to messages directly from the notification bar. This way, you won’t technically be inside the app, so others won’t know you’re online.

Another option that can be interesting for this is to use the WhatsApp widget. This is a small 4Ă—2 window that you can place anywhere on your desktop. In this widget will appear the messages that we have received, so that we can read them without going directly into the application. Therefore, we will not appear online and others will not know that we have arrived.

There are also third-party applications that allow us to hide that we are online, but having other options it is not the most convenient to use them.

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