How To Send A Fake Location By Whatsapp

How to send a location from anywhere in the world via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a lot of features that facilitate communication between users and also allow the location of users, but not always true data is shared, we show you how to send a fake location by WhatsApp.

Since 2014, WhatsApp has held the lead in messaging applications. In 2020 it surpassed two billion users worldwide and 63% of those users connect daily to the platform. In WhatsApp you can send text messages, audio messages in these you can even change the voice, you can send memes, gif, images, etc. and we can also share the location where we are. But for whatever reason we may be interested in not sharing real data, so we invite you to discover how to send a false location by WhatsApp.

To find out how to send a fake location by WhatsApp follow the steps that we propose below:

  • Open WhatsApp and enter the chat window of the person or group where you are going to send the non-real location.
  • Click on the paperclip icon or the + symbol and then click on “Location”.
  • Now at the top enter the street or address that is going to be the fake location and click on the magnifying glass. Once you have it, select it.
  • Finally, click “send” and the fake location will be shared in the chat window.

How To Fake Live Location In Real-Time On Whatsapp

Once you know how to send a fake location on WhatsApp, you may also be interested in knowing how to fake real-time location on WhatsApp to make believe that you are in a different place than the real one.  

The first thing you should know is that through the WhatsApp app itself it is not possible to fake the location in real time. To be able to do this you have to use a different app called Fake GPS. What this app does is to “fool” the applications by pretending that you are in a different part of the world from where you really are.

To fake your real-time location, download Fake GPS from the Google Play Store. Next, open the platform and accept the permissions requested. Then go into your phone’s Settings and choose “choose app to spoof location”. Choose Fake GPS and exit the settings and enter the “Fake GPS” app.

Now select a location on the map that is fake and then press play to make GPS select that location. Next, open WhatsApp and go into the chat where you want to send the fake location. Tap on the paperclip icon and then tap on “location”, then tap on “real-time location”. Now the location you put in Fake GPS will be displayed and you can send it to the chat.

How To Change The Location Manually In Whatsapp

In WhatsApp you can also learn how to change the location manually in WhatsApp to choose exactly the point you want to share with your contacts.

To change the location manually in WhatsApp, open the messaging app and tap on the paperclip icon or +. Then select “Location” and then at the top of the screen look for the address manually and click on the magnifying glass icon. Finally, click on “send” to share the manual location with your contacts.

You can change the location manually in WhatsApp whenever you want, just search for the new address whenever you want. Remember that you can not only search for addresses, but also search for businesses or monumental places and share them as a location on WhatsApp.

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