Your Phone Number Is No Longer Registered With Whatsapp On This Phone, What Do I Do?

You check your messages and you suddenly find the notice that your phone number is no longer registered with WhatsApp on this phone, what do I do?

It is likely that on occasion we find ourselves with a rather disturbing message when we open our WhatsApp application: your phone number is no longer registered with WhatsApp on this phone, what do I do? This article will detail the steps to follow to be able to re-associate our phone number with the application and be able to use it normally again.

My Whatsapp Account Is Registered On Another Phone, Why?

When we get this message, the reason is because my WhatsApp account is registered on another phone, why? Generally this is because we have used the WhatsApp application in a timely manner on another device, whose phone number has been associated with our WhatsApp account.

In order to change the phone number in WhatsApp, when we open the application we will have to deploy the main menu by pressing the icon with three dots that we will find at the top right of the screen. Then we select ‘Settings’ and enter the ‘Account’ section, where we can modify all those aspects of the configuration of our user account in WhatsApp.

The next step is to click on ‘Change number’, to re-enter the number of the terminal we are using, and a screen will appear on which we will be warned of the changes that this will entail in the WhatsApp application with settings, groups and general information. By clicking on ‘Next’, we must enter both the old number of the other phone on which we use the application, as well as the new one, so that the complete migration occurs and we can use WhatsApp again without any problem.

On the other hand, if the warning that your number is no longer registered with WhatsApp on that phone has arrived without you having used the application on another phone, you should verify that you are the user. At the bottom of the message you will see two options, and you will have to click on ‘Verify’ to receive an SMS code that will allow you to confirm that you are the legitimate user of the account.

Has My Whatsapp Account Been Stolen?

These types of warnings in the application inevitably make us wonder, has my WhatsApp account been stolen? Generally, there is no cause for alarm, as the most likely scenario is that we have used WhatsApp urgently on some other phone, which has generated this message. It may also be due to a bug in the application, in which case we will have to make sure we have the latest version of WhatsApp installed.

However, it is not out of the question that we have been victims of a hack and someone has accessed our account from another terminal. One of the most common phishing scams related to WhatsApp are based precisely on this warning to try to gain access to the application and the device, but the difference is that the attempted scam usually arrives by SMS, so it is important to remember that this warning would only see it in the application, it would never reach us by SMS, email or any other way.

Anyway, it never hurts to strengthen WhatsApp security. To do this, within the WhatsApp ‘Settings’, when entering ‘Account’ we will have to go to the ‘Two-step verification’ section. The application will then take us to a screen that will allow us to include a PIN when re-registering the phone number in WhatsApp. This way you will gain peace of mind and your application will be much safer from possible hacker attacks.

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