How to change the format of a video without affecting the quality? – Conversion

You may need to change the format of a video, for example, extract the audio from a video and convert it from mp4 to mp3, but without losing audio quality. Below, you will learn how to change the format of a video or convert it without affecting its quality. We will also tell you about the programs you can use to get the best results. All this will be explained shortly.

What output video format to use to keep the best possible quality?

There are many special programs for this type of work, but this time we will use the program called ‘VLC’, which you can download for free. Its installation is easy to execute and we are sure you will not have any problems.

To start with this we must open the program, once this is done we go to the top menu, once this is done, click on ‘Media’. There the options will appear, among them click on ‘Convert’, after this go to open media and click on add.

Next, click on ‘Convert / Save’, in order to configure the compression, then go to the ‘Convert’ window where you will have to configure everything, for this go to ‘Profile’ and click, select the video format in which you want to save it, the most recommended is MP4.

Once you have done this, click on the key on the right, there you will see an Edit Profile window, you must observe the tabs especially the ‘Encapsulation’ tab, since you must choose the same option of the previous step, in this case it is MP4/MOV.

After you have done this, open the Video Codec tab, when you open it, you will see three more tabs, there is one called ‘Encoding parameters’, you should leave it as it is, without modifying anything. Now we find the resolution tab.

There in ‘Scale value’ you must write 1, once this is done, click on save. Finally click on export, there you will decide in which folder you want to save it.

Then you will have to do it inside the file explorer, which will open, and you will have to click on start to begin to compress it, this process can take a few minutes, wait for the video to finish converting and then you will be able to use it.

In order to preserve the quality of a video as much as possible, what we can do in the setup procedure is the following: select the most recommended format which is MP4. You can also convert PowerPoint presentations to video.

Similarly, when selecting the ‘Encapsulation’ option in the settings, we must make sure to place it in the one that says MP4/ MOV, so that it is in the same profile and in this way we ensure that the video quality is preserved.

How to convert a video to another format without losing quality?

As I said before, to convert a video to another format without affecting its quality, it is best to make sure to convert it to the MP4 format, since in this format the quality will be less affected.

In the process that was explained at the beginning, we did it using the program ‘VLC’, which is one of those that we can find in most of our computers.

However, there are many more programs to carry out these processes, most of them are online, then, we will know which programs we can use to carry out these processes.

Using online converters

Currently, there is a wide variety of tools or programs to convert your videos online, then, we will tell you three of them, which are the most effective.

Firstly, we have Video Smaller, this program allows you to reduce the video by choosing the compression level you want, it does it completely online, and uses formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG and MOV, it is also free, but has a limit of 500mb per video.

We also have the option of HandBrake, this program is more complete, you can change the format of your video, you can reduce its weight, you can add subtitles, it is a very flexible tool, besides being online, you can download it on Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux.

Another converter option is Shotcut, with this program you can also convert the video changing its format, so it will occupy less space and most importantly without losing its quality, it is a free option, but it may have payment options.

What tools to use to convert your videos without losing quality?

In addition to the above mentioned, there are a variety of tools, some have free access and others are paid, you should consider the one that suits you and your budget.

Using WinX HD

The first thing that we must do to use this tool is to download it in our PC, once this is done we must add the video that we want to convert, for this click in the video option, we select the one in the folder. 

After this, once the video is added, a tab will open in which we will choose the format to which we want to convert it, there we will choose the MP4, then, we will click on the ‘OK’ button, there the video will be shown in the central panel.

In this part, we will take the opportunity to edit, trim and make all the necessary adjustments to the video, then when we click on the scissors icon, a trimming tab will open and we will be able to indicate the start and end time of the video.

Finally, we only have to indicate where we want it to be saved, for this, from the text part that appears at the bottom of the interface we click on the run button and that’s it.

Convert it with SMConverter

By means of this program, you only need to add the link and click or select convert. In this way, the respective conversion process is performed. There are also other types of converters for documents and images that you can take a look at, as they may be useful for you.

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