How To Reserve A Product On Wallapop In 2024

Find out how to reserve a product on Wallapop. Do you already have a buyer with whom you have negotiated a sale? We show you how to reserve a product on Wallapop in 2022.

When on Wallapop there is an interesting product at a good price, it is normal that there is some “competition” when it comes to get it. And if you have already made a purchase with the seller, you may want to make sure that he is not going to sell it a few seconds later to someone else. Therefore, you will be interested to know how to put a product on Wallapop in 2022. The reality is that it is not something you can do as a buyer. It is the seller who has to mark the product as reserved in his ad when he has negotiated the sale with you. But, in the conversation in which you’ve made the sale, you can ask him to do so.

If you are a buyer, you have two ways to mark a product as reserved, depending on whether you are accessing from the mobile app or from the web version of Wallapop. In the app you will have to enter the ad you have created for your product. There you will find a Book button. Simply click on it and the product will appear as reserved for possible future buyers.

On the other hand, if you access Wallapop from its web version you will be able to mark a product as reserved from the chat window you have with your buyer. The process is the same, you will simply have to click on the Reserve button and your buyer will be sure that you have reserved it.

How To Cancel A Reservation On Wallapop

Purchases on Wallapop do not usually behave like a closed contract. There are many times that it seems that we have a closed deal and later one of the two parties backs out. And if a purchase that you had booked is canceled, you are probably wondering how to cancel a reservation on Wallapop. And of course this process is fully reversible, so that if a purchase does not close it will not be a problem for you.

Undoing the option to reserve a product is as simple as clicking on the same button again. Whether you have marked it as reserved by mistake or the buyer has backed out, it is as easy as clicking a button to reverse this process.

What if I am the buyer and I have decided that I don’t want to buy a product that I have reserved, is it possible for me to cancel the reservation directly? Not really. This can only be done by the seller. Therefore, if you have backed out of a purchase you were thinking of making, you will need to contact the seller to ask them to remove the reservation. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible, otherwise other buyers who may be interested may believe that they do not have access to the product.

How To Reactivate A Product On Wallapop

If you have placed an ad and no one has bought it within two months, the ad will be put as inactive automatically. This is done to avoid filling the platform with old ads. But if you are still interested in selling it, you will be interested in knowing how to reactivate a product on Wallapop.

When you enter your profile, you will see how the ad you placed more than two months ago will appear as inactive. In case you want to make it active again, all you have to do is log in and click on the option Reactivate product. Your ad will be active again and available to be found.

Keep in mind that sometimes the reason why an ad has been inactivated is not that too much time has passed, but simply that important or mandatory information is missing. In this case, when you enter the inactive ad you will see an option called Add information. Click on it and add the information you consider necessary. In a matter of a moment your ad will be active again.

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