How to Buy Uniswap (UNI): Platforms, Risks, Convenient?

Uniswap is a recently formed cryptocurrency that has gained wide investor and analyst confidence. Trading this token can be a valuable opportunity to boost your portfolio. If you are wondering how to buy Uniswap, below you will find all the information you need to trade it in the most suitable way.

Why buy Uniswap

Among the strengths that may push you to consider buying Uniswap is the idea behind its birth, which took place in September 2021, aimed at providing a tool that would allow to simplify exchanges on the network between different cryptocurrencies. This was possible due to the fact that Uniswap is a DEX, i.e. a decentralized exchange, through which DeFi and smart contract projects will be possible. In fact, Uniswap is not an intermediary that manages individual exchange transactions, but these are performed automatically, combining maximum security and speed in transactions. Buying Uniswap means having the possibility to operate on a technology and a system with wide development possibilities for the future.

Where to buy Uniswap 

To buy Uniswap cryptocurrency, you will need to turn to a broker that allows you to convert your FIAT money into cryptocurrency, or use an online broker. One example is the eToro broker which will offer you both of these opportunities. It is among the most used online platforms in the world, with over 20 million users. An achievement achieved thanks to the high reliability and the presence of professional tools that allow you to operate both if you have experience in the market and if you are approaching cryptocurrencies for the first time. In addition, the eToro broker is recognized by the main European and worldwide supervisory bodies, such as the Italian Consob, the Cypriot CySEC and the English FCA, and therefore respects the ESMA regulations, i.e. the European Financial Markets Authority. To buy Uniswap you will need to create an account with eToro, a simple and intuitive process.

How to Register with eToro

To create an account on eToro the first step is to access the home page of the official site and select the Register: in the next screen you must enter your name, e-mail address and password. At this point you will be sent a link on your email that you must click to confirm your identity and continue with the process of creating an account. In the next format you will be asked to enter your personal information, adding your residential address, the details of one of your documents, attaching a double-sided photo of your driver’s license or identity card and your social security number.

To complete the registration process you will have to verify your identity, since according to the anti-money laundering regulations, every trader must be identified at the time of account creation. All you need to do is take a video selfie. The final step is to accept the contractual terms and wait for eToro’s approval of your account. Once the registration is complete, you will have to make a first deposit, accessing the payment settings of your profile and adding one of the tools provided by eToro: from credit card to bank transfer to digital payment systems such as PayPal and Skrill.

Features and Functionality

From the beginning, the idea that led to the creation of eToro was to offer users a platform with reliable tools, suitable for any type of operation. In particular, you’ll have a very innovative interface similar to that of a social network with a side dashboard where all useful functions are present.  Moreover, you’ll have access to a free demo account that will allow you to simulate the platform’s operation with virtual money in order to learn its functioning and develop the most suitable strategies to buy Uniswap.

The eToro platform allows you to access from any online device by entering the access keys. An interface that offers you all the tools you need to evaluate the performance of the Uniswap currency. Just enter the name or the abbreviation UNI in the practical search bar and you will immediately have a tab, called open book, very similar to a post on social networks, in which there are the main information: real time quote, variation, minimum and maximum price. Clicking on it you will have additional data, with the possibility to read feeds, i.e. comments from other users, analyze statistics and the chart in real time.

How to Buy UNI on eToro

Making the buying and selling process simple and intuitive led to the creation of eToro’s open book. In fact, directly from the UNI cryptocurrency tab, you will have the option to buy the cryptocurrency by clicking on the Buy button. In the next screen you will have to enter the number of digital coins you want to buy or the countervalue in euros. To complete the transaction you just need to choose a payment method. With eToro you can complete the transaction using the money in the real wallet of your account, or choose to make a direct payment. In this case, you can use a VISA or MasterCard credit card or a bank transfer: to avoid problems in the payments it is necessary that the payment instruments are in your name.

Costs and Commissions

Among the factors that may encourage you to consider registering with eToro to buy the cryptocurrency Uniswap there are also the costs of the platform that are competitive. In fact, there is no monthly fee or activation fee, but only a cost will apply at the time you make a transaction. For buying and selling transactions on Uniswap you will have to consider a commission of 3.9% on the total amount of the transaction. Moreover, there are no commissions for deposits, since those by credit card, bank transfer or other payment tool such as PayPal, provided by eToro are free. As for any withdrawals, you will have to consider a commission of 5 € for the single transaction.

Should I buy Uniswap?

The cryptocurrency Uniswap is the product of a careful road map, aimed at solving some of the main problems expected in transactions between different cryptocurrencies. The technology used is reliable and, above all, has found a strong consensus among users, especially because it is grafted into an area such as those of smart contracts and DeFi systems considered the future of commercial transactions. Today Uniswap is around €25, but many analysts have set its target price at €80 for 2022 and €120 for 2023. Beyond the forecasts, the trend of this cryptocurrency is constantly growing and may push you to consider buying Uniswap.

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