The Best Cryptocurrency Cards: What Are They, Benefits, Costs and Opinions

Cryptocurrency are increasingly becoming part of our everyday life. It is no longer just about investments, but thanks to cryptocurrency cards you can buy, withdraw and send money thanks to the tokens in your possession. There are more and more cards for cryptocurrency, and choosing the most suitable solution requires an analysis not only on costs and functionality, but also on the cryptocurrencies supported and how to request them. In this guide, we will analyze which are the best cryptocurrency cards and see all the details about the Binance Card, Coinbase card, card and Wirex card. Let’s get started right away. 

Binance Card

The Binance Card is the payment tool offered by the famous cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Also known as Binance Visa Card, the debit card is linked to the Binance account and supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Bused, Swipe, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Filecoin, Venus and the Euro. 

The operation of the card is very simple, in fact, just connect the card to one of the wallets on the exchange account. The tokens are then automatically converted into fiat currency. The Binance Visa Card is considered one of the best cryptocurrency cards both for the possibility of using it to make payments and withdrawals, but also for its economic conditions. 

To apply for the Binance card you first need to register on the Exchange platform, verify your account and make your first deposit. The card is available for free both in the virtual and physical version, while for the issuance of a second card there is a cost of 25 euros. The daily spending limits are 870 euros for the virtual card and 8700 euros for the physical one. The card also works in contactless mode and provides a commission of about 0.09% on ATM withdrawals and operations carried out in store.

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Coinbase Card

Another card proposed by an exchange is the Coinbase card. Also in this case, the circuit it relies on is Visa and allows you to use cryptocurrencies as fiat money to buy, withdraw cash and more. The card is directly linked to the Coinbase account and is available in both virtual and physical versions with contactless technology. The cryptocurrencies supported by the card are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, BAT, REP and ZRX. 

Again, to apply for the card you must first open an account on the Coinbase exchange. Only verified customers can apply for the card, which will arrive at the given address within 5-7 business days. 

The card does not have an Iban and there is a fee of €4.95 to apply for the card, which is charged directly to your Coinbase account. ATM withdrawals below 200 euros per month are free, while for higher amounts a 1% fee is applied, rising to 2% for withdrawals made abroad. 

The maximum monthly spending limit is set at 10,000 euros, which can be increased to 20,000 euros by applying to Coinbase.

Discover all the advantages of the Coinbase card on the official website: Card

One of the most famous crypto cards is the one proposed by, always of the Visa circuit. The card offers a lot of advantages and is available in five versions: Obsidian, Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White, Royal Indigo & Jade Green, Ruby Steel and Midnight Blue. The five cards offer different features and have different costs and conditions depending on the level. The higher tier cards can be applied for if you have a pre-determined number of CROs in Stake,’s currency. These are prepaid cards that can be reloaded via the app with fiat currencies or using the Bitcoin you hold, which are automatically converted to fiat currency without any fees. 

As we anticipated, each card has different limits and costs, but to apply for any card you need to open an account on the platform.

The Midnight Blue version is the only one that you can get without owning tokens while the others start from a minimum of 350 euros in CRO. The five cards also offer different levels of cashback on purchases or services (such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime), starting from a minimum of 1% up to 8% on card purchases.

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The Wirex prepaid card, like its predecessors, allows you to spend Bitcoin to buy products and services in fiat currency as well as withdraw cash at ATMs in the Visa or Mastercard circuit. The card is available in different versions with different expenses and different bonuses. The three plans are: Standard, Premium and Elite. Unlike other crypto cards, this one comes with an Iban code to make and receive transfers. Also with Wirex there are cashbacks, called cryptobacks, for transactions made both online and in-store. 

Again, in order to apply for Wirex cards you must be a verified Wirex account holder.

The fees change based on the plan you choose. In fact, the Standard plan is free, the Premium costs 9.99 euros per month and the Elite 29.99 euros per month. Withdrawals are free up to 400 euros per month, while a 2% fee applies to amounts in excess.

Check out all the features of Wirex cards on the official website:

Final Considerations

Crypto cards are not few, and most of them offer several attractive incentives such as cashback and many other benefits. One of the best cryptocurrency cards is definitely the Binance one, which requires a connection to one of the exchange’s wallets. On the other hand, the Coinbase card has on its side the fact that it can be reloaded with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money and the presence of an independent ceiling. is an excellent card for the countless benefits and discounts it offers while the Wirex card is the one that comes closest to the classic traditional prepaid cards, with an Iban to receive and send transfers.

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