Why can’t I surf the Internet if the connection is stable? – Windows 10

Your computer tells you that there is an internet connection, but when you want to access it it is not possible, you can not use it correctly. This problem has happened to many people, but this may be due to a series of problems that we must solve.

Problems such as damaged wiring, bad router connection are some of the most common ones. But here we will give you to understand why this happens, and how to solve this problem so that you can have a stable internet connection.

What problems can a PC have that won’t let you surf the internet even though you have internet?

The internet has become so important, to the point that everyone uses it, whether it’s to communicate, browse social media, watch news or do business work. However, it can present ordinary problems that we can fix by taking into account the problem presented.

Such problems can be several, such as ‘there is internet but no connection’. This is the one that appears the most and is very annoying when surfing, inconveniences like these can be:

A bad configuration or misconfiguration of the IP address can be the cause of the problem. For this, you will have to know what is the IP address of your computer and configure it.

One of the most common problems is misconfigured network drivers due to system updates previously installed by Windows Update in Windows 10.

You may be having problems accessing the internet in one browser, but in the other one you can do it, you must have problems with the browser settings. Go into your browser settings to fix this problem

Check the PC Router

If our computer tells us that we have internet, but we do not have access to it, then there is a problem, we must check and verify that the Router is in good condition in the following way:

  • Looking at the Internet or WAN Led Lights of the router, we will see if we truly have synchronization with the server. We will see a green light indicating that it is working.
  • In other occasions, the Router comes with a red Led light to indicate that there are connection problems. If this is active. Proceed to restart it to see if this is the problem. If not, call your Internet Service Provider.
  • By looking inside the router, we can also see if this is the fault. If we do not have access to it, it means that it is not working properly. Proceed to see if your cables are properly connected.

The equipment must be connected via cable

The state of the wiring is also a very important factor for the operation of the Internet, since it is what gives the computer the ability to be connected. Since, a bad state of the cable will make our connection slower, making a speed test for how is the connection is a good trick that we recommend you.

How to solve this problem to be able to surf the Internet?

There are many options to solve the problems of connection to Internet of our computer. One of them can be a connected or configured of the Internet network to not have problems in the future, this way, you will not have inconveniences to access to Internet. But we leave you here other solutions by using the system

Using the ‘Troubleshooter’.

Windows computers come with a Troubleshooter option to detect problems with the system. Although not all the time it is not the best solution, we can make use of it to see if we can find the fault.

To enter the Troubleshooter, we will have to enter in Settings, go to Network and Internet and select the Network Troubleshooter. Then, the computer itself will look for the faults that we have and depending on which one it is, we proceed to solve it.

Checking the ‘DHCP and DNS’.

When the problem is the DNS, a message will appear indicating that there is no server and that it does not respond. In the case that this is the problem, it is almost always due to a bad configuration of the browser, proceed to change the browser to solve the failure.

If this has not solved the problem, you can disable the Windows Firewall. Go into your computer’s system settings and disable this option. If in case it does not work either, you should make a direct configuration of the DNS server.

In addition to the DNS, we can check the DHCP. This tells us which IP address we use and with which we can access different networks. You will proceed to configure the DHCP to solve the problem to the internet connection.

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