The Best Cloud Services To Store Your Files in 2024

Many users are looking for the possibility of having more space on their electronic devices. It is true that if you have a generous cloud storage you will not need much, unless you have to work with more users remotely. That is why it is important to have a cloud storage service that can help you with this virtual resource management.

Choose the cloud service that best suits your needs

There are all kinds of services all over the Web. Each company offers a solution to a different problem and one of the most popular is cloud storage.

Over time more and more have appeared, but only a few have remained as the most famous and most interesting for the capabilities they offer.

Having a private space on a server where you can keep your data, you can rest assured that no one will access them.

If you still have any doubts, you can always buy an external hard drive to store your data and have them all at hand to work on them or keep your memories in a physical and safe place that is always near you.

The best cloud storage services

Surely you know some of the best free cloud storage services that we are going to tell you.

And is that many of them work with an email system in which you have to register, a thing more than necessary for any self-respecting Internet user who wants to communicate with the rest of the world.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most prominent and that may already be running on your devices:

Google Drive

Google has in its possession one of the most important storage platforms on the Internet. Its name is Google Drive and it is activated as soon as you enter your data to generate your email account of the firm. You will have a total of 15 GB of free space for whatever you need.

It is compatible with many file extensions and is even capable of playing multimedia content that you have saved. In addition, you can share folders with other users who can download the data or edit it directly if you give them permission.


Similarly to the previous one, this free cloud storage service also belongs to another big company. In this case we are talking about the work born from the house of Redmond, where Microsoft is based.

In the case of OneDrive you can work with the online versions of Office and share data with other users to work remotely as happens in Google Drive. However, the big difference is the space that the company gives you for free, which is somewhat less (5 GB to be exact).


One of the most important services on the Internet where you can save your files remotely is DropBox. The service has been running for years on the Internet and is one of the most pioneering.

It is true that you only have 2 GB to store whatever you want, but from 9.99 euros per month you will have access to 2 TB of space available to store all kinds of files inside.

Its most important function has to do with its organizer, which has improved in its latest versions to have all the files you need at a glance.


Do you remember MegaUpload? This was the trusted storage service of many who a few years ago used the service to download all kinds of files from the Internet. But its owner, Kim Dotcom, revived the service in 2015 under the simple name Mega.

Here you also have 2 gigabytes of cloud storage, but it stands out for a special feature which is data encryption. The company claims that it is almost impossible to capture data from a space in its cloud storage service thanks to its point-to-point encryption system.

Amazon Drive

Amazon couldn’t miss out on having a piece of the cloud storage services pie. The Internet giant is not only dedicated to selling you all the products you can imagine, it is also one of the largest providers of online space in the world.

Benefiting from its Amazon Drive service is better if you are a user of its Prime service you will have unlimited access to save all your photos, but where you will have a limit is in the number of videos and files of different extensions, where you can only save up to 5 GB.

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