How To Use Playlink To Play With Friends On Your Playstation 4

Find out how to use Playlink to play with friends on your Playstation 4. When you have friends over it’s always a cause for celebration, now more than ever. Meetings of this style are usually settled with a later outing, although sometimes you choose to stay at home and have a good time either watching a movie, playing a board game or in front of a console.

And if you have a PlayStation you may be interested in knowing how to take advantage of PlayLink, so pay attention to learn how to use it.

What is PlayStation PlayLink

Sony’s console is in high demand across the globe. No user of it ventures to play without a controller with which to play his newly purchased game, but the truth is that the Japanese company has thought of everything.

And is that everyone who buys the console is very likely to have a smartphone, and with it you can take advantage of a feature called PlayStation PlayLink.

It’s a game mode in which you can control your console directly from your mobile to a series of titles intended for more players than the two or four you’re used to.

It all works through an application that you have to install on your mobile, in addition to buying the game you want to play

It would be nice to find some of these titles to download in PSN games that we recommend every month in our blog, with all the news that brings you pay the service, although this decision corresponds to what is decided within the company.

How to configure PlayLink on PlayStation

Now that you know what PlayLink is, we are going to teach you how to use it. The first thing you have to do, of course, is to buy the juice you want to play. You have a wide catalog to choose from, from UNO to the famous SingStar if you are a lover of songs.

As we say, get the title you want to play and then you will have to download the corresponding application on your smartphone.

In both the App Store and the Google Play Store you will have all the applications you need to download to start playing with your friends. These are free, so anyone with a phone can download them.

Depending on the game your phone will change in functionality and it can be from your viewfinder to see the cards you have been dealt, the options in a knowledge quiz or even a wireless microphone connected to your PlayStation.

Then, you just have to connect to the same WiFi network as your console or use it as a hotspot for other users. It will be a matter of a few seconds before this procedure is over, let alone before you start playing your chosen title.

Now only the best part remains, which is to enjoy with your friends the game you have installed on the console or rotate between the ones you have installed.

Is it possible to play on PlayStation 5?

Now that you know how PlayLink games work on your PlayStation 4 you may be wondering if it is interesting to keep the console or make the jump to the next one.

And this is one thing you should keep in mind as these games are only compatible on the last generation model. That is, they are not compatible with PS5.

This is the bad part, unless Sony agrees to backward-compatible them. The good part is that you won’t have spent so much money on accessories thanks to the free mobile apps.

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