Convert an old black and white photo to color on Twitter

Now that we have at our fingertips all the possible technology in our hands plane through the cell phone, we forget about the memories we have stored in a drawer. To try to recover them and give them a new look to the old black and white photos, we have at our disposal artificial intelligence that allows us to turn old photos that deserve a rejuvenation into color.

Although this type of technology has been around for years, more and more intelligence is being developed that are capable of making the processes simpler and with better results, which leads us on this occasion to find a bot on Twitter that quickly takes care of colorizing our photos to achieve the desired result. A simple process that will allow us a totally free joy.

From black and white photos to color with Twitter

To start the process with which we will get that through the social network Twitter our photos have color, we must be clear that these publications will be public in the chaos that our account is, so we must choose well the contents that we try to pass to color.

The tool we are going to use was developed by Oli Callaghan and Finnian Anderson, who developed this bot based on artificial intelligence, training the neural network with more than four million images that have been colored after being in black and white.

The first step, scanning the photo

In order to carry out the colorization of the photo, we need to have the image on the computer, mobile, or tablet and possibly have it in physical format after having been printed many years ago. That leads us to resort to a scanner or, if not, to the cell phone camera.

However, to get the best possible result, we recommend using FotoScan, an app created by Google that, through several photographs, manages to remove the brightness of the photo and automatically cut it to have it digitized.

This way, in just a few seconds we will have the old black and white photo saved in our cell phone to continue with the process. We can do this as many times as we need and store the photos on the mobile and use the coloring that we will see later only in some of them.

Download PhotoScan on Android

Download PhotoScan on iPhone

Send the photo to the Twitter bot

To complete the process we just have to post a tweet as we normally do, but in it, we have to mention the Twitter account called @colorize_bot. After a few seconds, the bot will reply to us to this same publication with the completed work and we can save the old color image on the mobile or computer and check that the work is pretty good.

The artificial intelligence is able to respect the brightness and color variations, based on the information given by the blacks, whites, and especially the shades of gray that appear in the images.

The result is more than satisfactory and the best thing is that we can use it as many times as we want. From the Twitter account itself, we can check the results on old photos converted to color by other users, where we can see that even the oldest photos can recover the color.