How to play Playstation games on Android or iPhone in Remote Play

Do we want to play our favorite PS5 or PS4 games from smartphones or tablets as well? Let’s see how to do it with the Remote Play app

The Sony PlayStation 5 console (PS5 for friends) has quickly become one of the must-have technology that everyone wants to have in the house, from the smallest through the youngest, without forgetting the oldest who have lived the era of the first Sony consoles. Among the most popular features of the new console (also available for Playstation 4) we also find the Remote Play, which allows you to play PS5 games from a smartphone or tablet, so you can resume playing in any room of the house, without having to be physically present in front of the console.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to play Plastationsu Android and iPhone games, install the app that allows you to stream your favorite game, configure the DualSense controller to work (via Bluetooth) on Android smartphones or tablets and Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) and finally how to activate the function from the PS5 console. From today you can play PS5 from your bed even without TV!

Launch Playstation games on Android and iPhone

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The feature is completely free and can be used on any phone or tablet compatible with Sony’s Remote Play app. To work, it is required that both the PS5 console and the portable device are connected to the same home network (Wi-Fi for the smartphone/tablet or Wi-Fi/Ethernet for the PS5); as things stand, it is not possible to use Remote Play outside the home.

To get the best streaming quality between console and portable device, we suggest you use the 5 GHz network of the modem or a range of Range Extender to extend the Wi-Fi signal coverage.

Connect DualSense to your smartphone or tablet

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As a first step, we must connect the DualSense controller (available on Amazon) to the phone or tablet that we intend to use for the game, we recommend using a controller not associated with the PS5 (a second DualSense controller not used for PS5), so as not to have problems in the association via Bluetooth.

To proceed, we turn on Bluetooth on our mobile device, then set the controller to pairing mode by holding down the PS and Create buttons (top right, with the three waves) until we see the LEDs flash.

Now that the controller is in pairing mode, check the Bluetooth menu of your phone or tablet until the DualSense name appears, then add it as a game device.

Configuring the Playstation for Remote Gaming

Now that the controller is correctly configured with the phone or tablet, turn on the PS5 or Ps4 console, use the original or primary DualSense (i.e. not associated with the device, as seen in the previous chapter), confirm the account to be used and, once in the system dashboard, press the Triangle button on the controller, move up to the gear icon, confirm with the X button on the controller, scroll with the directional arrows until you find the System menu and finally move to the Remote Play menu.

Confirm access to the options with the X button and activate the switch next to Enable Remote Play. This screen will also be useful in the next step, so keep it open and be ready to intervene as soon as you have installed the right app on your smartphone or tablet.

Install the Remote Play app on Android or iPhone/iPad

With Remote Play enabled on our PS5 let’s now go to the phone or tablet, we want to use and download the PS Remote Play app, available for free for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Once downloaded on the phone or tablet open the app, enter the credentials of our PSN account (the same configured on the console), choose the type of console to be configured (in our case PS5 or PS4) and, arrived at the confirmation screen of the code, take us back on Playstation, press on Connect Device and enter the code that will be shown on the screen within the app.

In a few seconds, we’ll see the Playstation dashboard appear within the PS Remote Play app and we can use the controller to select the game we want to play, at maximum quality. To play the game, the console must be switched on (but we can turn off the TV) and the game must be downloaded to the console’s memory in digital version; if we have a game with a disc, we must first insert the disc and then start the game from the PS Remote Play app.

From the app we can also change the game at any time or turn off the console remotely: in fact, the screen of our smartphone or tablet become to all intents and purposes portable TV with which to play our games PS5 even in the bedroom, bedroom or even when we are in the bathroom!


PS Remote Play brings the level of PS5 gaming to new levels, turning simple tablets or our beloved smartphones into real portable consoles. By enabling the functions and correctly configuring both DualSense and Wi-Fi, the delay between game actions and commands is minimal, as well as the transmission of audio and video from the PS5 console is very good, even on smartphones and tablets that are not exactly the latest.

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