Playstation Share Play: What It Is And How To Use It

There are still single player games that demonstrate the power of a good story on Playstation Share Play. The different developers bring us every year new adventures that are within reach of your hand or those of someone you know who can lend it to you later. But living a game of these characteristics does not have to be for the enjoyment of a single person, and is that you can spend a game with your friend on PlayStation using PlayShare.

What is PlayStation PlayShare and what is it for?

If you are one of those who used to play console games in times when there was no Internet, there was only one way to play a game with your friend: going to his house or having him come to yours.

Playing cooperatively required an extra controller and a compatible game. Although this was not the only option, as you could pass the game by passing the controller every time one of you died.

But times have changed and thanks to the Internet you can play with friends together in the same game.

This capability is available with the help of PlayStation’s PlayShare feature, as long as you meet a number of minimum requirements to use this feature.

The first thing you need, of course, is that both users have the same console.

The second thing is that you both have not only an Internet connection, but also that you have the PSN function in effect, or else you will have to recharge it to play.

How to play a game using PlayStation PlayShare

If you take into account everything we have told you above you will have part of this tutorial done. The best of all is that, depending on the title, you can have some functions or others within the possibilities of each title.

And this is important, since not all games do the same with this feature that transfers your game to another friend, whether they have it in their library or not.

For example, if you decide to teach him a few FIFA tricks it is possible to play together a match against the machine or together each one from home and with his controller.

On the other hand, Dark Souls will tell you to hand over control of the character you are currently playing to your friend.

As you can see they are very different, and it depends on whether you can play cooperatively or each one on their own.

But the important thing is the following, which is to follow all the steps to play a game on PlayStation PlayShare:

  • Activate any game on your PlayStation
  • On your controller, press the “Share” button.
  • On the new screen, click on the “Start SharePlay” option.
  • Have your friend join the broadcast.
  • From your menu you will have the options to relinquish control or play together.
  • A notification will appear telling you which option you have selected.

As you can see it is very easy to make two people play from the same platform, which in this case is PlayStation.

You can do this with any user in the world, although we have to tell you to be careful with this, since the connection is variable depending on where the other person lives.

For this reason we recommend that it is best to use this feature with someone from your own country or region, as you will always enjoy a good connection.

Now the decision is up to you what to do in this case, although the connected person can see how you are doing in the game, as long as you give permissions to broadcast what you are playing.

This can also help you to pass an area where you are stuck and the other person can see what you are doing wrong and give you advice.

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