How do I permanently remove friends from my PlayStation 5? – Quick and easy

PlayStation 5 has the option to find friends and associate them to your account to play online and share all the concerns and experiences of each game.

However there may come a time when you no longer wish to keep in touch with these people and the question of how to remove them arises. If you have that question today we bring you the solution, we will teach you how to delete friends from PlayStation 5 permanently. 

How can I delete users from my PS5 using a mobile application?

When you try to copy games to the PlayStation 5 you usually get errors, and the same happens when you try to delete your friends from the mobile application. This is why we will show you the most appropriate way to do it avoiding some errors and really make sure that they are permanently deleted. 

  • The first thing you have to do is download the application if you don’t have it downloaded. Then log in as you normally would from your PC, with your username and password.
  • Once logged in, click on the top double band.
  • Now, among your friends, select the one you want to delete. Click on the ‘Friends’ icon and then click on ‘Remove as friend’.
  • After clicking, a new window will appear to confirm your decision, just click again on the ‘Remove as friend’ option and that’s it, he/she will be permanently removed from your account. 

What can I do to delete many people at once from the console?

Even if you want to delete all your friends at once, this is not something you can do since the PlayStation 5 only has the option to choose them one by one. However, this is not a difficult process so deleting several friends one by one will take a short period of time, it will be so fast that if you are not attentive you will soon see the orange light on your console.

Base icon in the game

When you enter the PlayStation 5 menu and click on the base icon in the game, you will have the option to see a list of all your friends, you just have to choose from them all the ones you want to delete, click on the dots on the side of the name and click on the option ‘Delete as friend’.

Delete friends list on your PS5

By deleting your friends one by one, the list of friends will be reduced until it reaches the point where there will be none left, at which point the list will be automatically deleted. To verify that it has been effectively removed, just skip the entire menu, turn off and on the console correctly and log back in with your username and password, then click on the base icon of the game and you will notice that the PlayStation 5 will not present you with any option in Friends List.

How do I remove a person from a game group on my PlayStation 5?

Often a group of friends is created for a specific game or maybe several games, this is known as a PlayStation game group or PlayStation Game Party, the truth is that after a while you may no longer want to have some people in the club and the right way to remove them is by following the steps below.

  • Log in to your session and select the game where you have the group of friends.
  • Choose the participant you want to remove from the list.
  • You will find on the right side of the name 3 vertical dots that correspond to the options menu, press to open it and then locate and click on the option that says ‘Expel’. After this, the person will be removed from the PlayStation game group.

If I delete my PlayStation 5 friends can I add them again?

Removing your PlayStation 5 friends can save you space on your console and provide you with fluidity or maybe you just don’t want to have them in your friends list for now.

But if after some time you want to contact that person and establish a gaming relationship again, you have the option to locate them and send them a friend request, wait for them to respond and get back in touch. To do so, go to the player’s profile and add him/her as a friend following the steps shown below.

Send a friend request to a deleted person

  • Go to the control center of the console and locate the option that says ‘Game Cushion’ and then press where it says ‘Gaming Cushion’.
  • Now, in the DualSense compensator you will see a triangle with 3 lines at the top, click on it and press the option that says ‘Go to Leisure Pad’.
  • Here you will have to enter the name of the player you want to be friends with. You will also be able to see the list of friends he has played with.
  • Now click on the ‘Add to my friends’ option. You have to wait for the person to accept your friend request and the process will be completed. 

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