How to set a password for your PlayStation 4? – Protect your console

There are countless gadgets with which today we can connect to the Internet, so on Playstation 4 you also have to be much more careful and protect us from strangers. One of those devices are the PlayStation 4, if you are a regular user of this equipment, in this article we show you how to protect it with a password.  

Why is it important to protect your PlayStation 4 with a password?

Computer security is an issue that you should take very seriously in today’s world, as it can generate many headaches and countless mishaps if it is violated.

Before explaining the steps you need to follow to manage your security, it is important that you distinguish the different types of passwords you can get for your PlayStation devices so that you can make proper use of them.

The first is the PSN password that serves to lock the login of the PlayStation Network which allows you to get technical support, as well as to acquire content developed by the manufacturer (only applies to versions from 3 and PS vita).

Then you have a profile password which is modified directly from your PlayStation 4 computer or using the web browser of your choice from any device with internet connection. Finally you have the password of the console as such, which you can manage exclusively from this as it is a specific function of the equipment. 

Improve your privacy

Regardless of who you live with, there is certain information that should not be available to other people, even if they are our siblings, partners, parents, etc., it is best to memorize or keep it properly protected, so you avoid being vulnerable.

It is also important to download and install the latest software updates against computer viruses, likewise it is advisable to place the updates and security patches established at a given time by the manufacturers of the devices. 

Another way to improve privacy is to avoid automatic login on your device, so you should always log out at the end of your day of fun, regardless of the device you play with.

Configure the accesses to your console

On your PlayStation 4 console you can configure the accesses in different ways, with the classic password or through biometric parameters.

If you are going to use the password, once your console is turned on and in the initial screen, press the up arrow to access the options menu, enter the configuration section (suitcase icon), a new set of alternatives will appear, locate and select the one called ‘User’, then ‘Access configuration’. 

Once in the access configuration, choose the option ‘Password management’ and you will see the screen to enter the 4 number password of your choice, like any other password it is recommended not to enter consecutive numbers, your age or date of birth.

It is important to remember that in this version you can set it through your biometric parameters (if you have the PlayStation camera) for this you just have to follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the camera is perfectly clean.
  • Make sure the lighting is correct, avoid natural light sources and do not place artificial ones behind your back.
  • Make sure your hair is not too long.
  • Remember that the optimum distance for the camera to work is 2m.
  • After you have fulfilled all these requirements select the ‘Add facial data’ option, try as many times until the device loads properly. Being very careful with the lighting issue.

How do I activate a password to a specific PlayStation 4 user?

On PlayStation 4 you can have multiple users using the same console, you can also activate a different access password for each one to prevent them from playing games, making online purchases or deleting files from another profile different from their own.

What to do to change or delete it?

Changing the password or deleting it is not a complicated process is quite simple and does not differ much from the procedures that we have already explained, in case you want to change or modify the password you can do it by accessing from the playstation page or from the console itself.

How can you change the password of your PS4 account from your PC?

Currently you can rely on your PC to complement the use of certain activities of your console such as connecting the controller of the same to your PC or change the password of your PlayStation 4 account from the latter. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to the PlayStation 4 website and log in as usual.
  • Then go to the ‘Settings’ alternative, followed by ‘Account management’, ‘Account information’ where you will find an option called ‘Security’ where you will find an icon called ‘Password’ where you can make the desired modification.
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