TradeStation: Platform Features, Functionality and Benefits

Access to financial markets (regulated or not), in our country, although easy, is not completely free. In fact, current tradestation legislation prohibits savers from direct access. To negotiate financial instruments, in fact, it is necessary to use the services of an authorized intermediary.

Among the latter, that of online trading platforms is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. The great process of technological evolution, in fact, has made accessible a channel as innovative as it is attractive. Among the numerous web platforms allocated to the service of financial intermediation, today we deal with TradeStation, which stands out for some particularly original characters.

What is TradeStation

TradeStation Group is the parent company of a company that carries out financial intermediation activities. The company, governed by American law, is actually made up of several companies, each of which follows and develops different aspects, but related to the company’s core business

TradeStation is wholly owned by the Monex Group, which is a leading international provider of online financial services. The company’s official platform offers a particularly efficient, polished and extremely professional online trading service.

TradeStation caters to both retail and institutional clients.

Platform Features and Functionality

TradeStation offers its customers a multi-level service. TradeStation is a financial intermediary and, as such, is an authorized counterparty between the public and the market. The main service offered by TradeStation is brokerage, but, in addition to this function, it is also able to offer accessory services. Among the latter, that of financial and economic information is worthy of particular mention.

In order to use the services offered by TradeStation it is necessary to activate a personal account which, once verified by the procedure and recharged with personal financial assets, allows access to the wide range of products offered by the platform and, therefore, to carry out trading operations on the different asset classes.

Available Assets

TradeStation is a complete partner for all its clients. In fact, the offer is particularly wide and includes the main asset classes available on the financial market.

Through Tradestation it is possible to carry out online trading transactions on:

  • shares (opening both short and long positions depending on the opportunities offered by the market)
  • over 2,000 ETFs
  • Bonds (US government and corporate bonds)
  • shares of mutual funds
  • For investors with an adequate risk appetite, moreover, exceptional derivative instruments are available such as binary options, futures contracts, option futures and IPO securities (companies not yet listed, but with great economic prospects).

For an attentive clientele, technologically evolved and speculative inclined, of course, the main cryptocurrencies (BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC and USDC) are available.

How to Register and Trade on TradeStation

The first step to complete is to open a personal account on the TradeStation platform. To do so, it is necessary to follow the online registration wizard, providing all the required information (personal, financial, economic, risk appetite and time objective).

Once the first step has been completed, it is necessary to recharge one’s account, transferring financial availability by bank transfer. To withdraw, instead, from your account it is necessary to access the reserved area, select the item “withdrawal” and transfer the desired amount to your personal current account.

Having the necessary availability it is possible to start operating on financial markets. To do so, it is necessary to access the market of interest, select the financial instrument, fill in the Buy or Sell field, set quantity and price and confirm.

Costs and Commissions

The commission structure offered by TradeStation is different depending on the client’s country of residence (for US residents there are two different commission profiles to choose from) and depending on the financial instrument traded (for all).

According to the information available on the official website, the different asset classes are subject to a different fixed fee depending on the nature of the product chosen (shares and ETFs for free). There are no discounts in relation to the volume of transactions in a given period.

As far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, there is a percentage fee (from 0.30% to 0.05%) which varies according to the total balance held.

There are no fees for deposit and withdrawal transactions and, at the moment, there is no minimum deposit to start trading.

Additional Information

The TradeStation platform operates in full compliance with current regulations. It is subject to FCA and SEC regulation and has a track record of winning awards for its technological security and high technological and cryptographic standards.

Final Considerations: Our Opinions

TradeStation stands out for some strong points that have favored a wide development among the retail public. These are economic (low costs and commissions), purely digital (technologically advanced platform) and more typically financial (wide range of products offered).

A few more doubts, however, have been highlighted regarding the registration procedure (rather elaborate), customer service, which is not always rapid, and the complexity of the platform, which appears to be not too suitable for novice traders.

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