How to Buy Chainlink (LINK): Benefits, Risks, How to Do It

Find out how to buy Chainlink. Chainlink is among the latest generation of cryptocurrencies that have led to profound changes in the world of digital currencies both from the point of view of blockchain technology and investment opportunities. How to buy Chainlink? Here is all the information.

Why Buy Chainlink

What are the advantages of betting on the Chainlink system? The first aspect to consider is the fact that it is based on a technology that makes possible an evolution of smart contracts, since it allows a network to transfer information and take it from other blockchains. Moreover, it provides an internal token, defined with the initials LINK, which will be used as a reward for verification activities, but also to conclude smart contracts. Another aspect to consider is the value of the cryptocurrency that today is around 32 €, a quotation that offers you the possibility to buy even if you have limited capital. 

If you look at the trend of the last months, Chainlink has proven to be a valid project and above all to get an immediate response from the network: more and more blockchains, such as Ethereum, have decided to use its nodes to enhance their smart contracts. All these factors lead to consider the possibility of growth for the future of this cryptocurrency.

Where to Buy Chainlink

In order to get hold of cryptocurrencies, and Chainlink in particular, it will be necessary to know these products carefully, have the right tools and, above all, have a suitable platform available. With this in mind, the ideal choice is to use a broker like eToro. A platform born in 2006 and recognized by CySEC and the Italian Consob, to name a few of the most attentive financial control bodies that require high security from platforms.

Entering the world of eToro you will be sure that your money will always be safe, since you will have the latest encryption systems both for accessing the platform and for deposits and transactions. In fact, you have to consider that the access provides a two-factor authentication, in addition to the presence of a virtual wallet with features similar to those of the most secure digital wallets, in which you can keep your cryptocurrencies. Another aspect to consider is the punctuality of withdrawals and deposits, with the certainty of having your money available at all times, even in case of difficulties from the parent companies. How to access all the advantages of working with eToro? Just register your account. Here’s how to do it.

How to Create an Account with eToro

The first step is to access the home page of the broker on the official site and request the creation of a new account. The procedure is completely in Italian, and you’ll just have to fill out the various required fields carefully to perform it in a few minutes. To complete the operation you must verify your identity through a video selfie, or by recording your image at the time, which must match that of your ID. At this point eToro will verify your data, sending you an e-mail confirmation of account activation.

How eToro Works and How to Deposit Money into the Account

Signing up to eToro allows you to immediately have a series of free features very useful to evaluate the full potential of the platform such as the demo account. It is a term that identifies a simulator that faithfully reproduces the characteristics of the eToro webtrader platform and that allows you to make purchases and sales of Chainlink cryptocurrency with virtual money. At any time you will have the opportunity to switch to the real version by making an initial deposit that must be at least 50 €. In this way you will enable the open book section of eToro.

How to Buy LINK on eToro 

The graphics of the buy and sell book of eToro is very innovative, reflecting the style of the whole platform, very similar to that of a social system. For this reason you will have a screen where you will have immediate access to all the information you need to buy Chainlink: from the quote in real time, to the volumes of the day, from the percentage of variation to the previous return.

On the book there are also buy and sell buttons that will allow you to execute an order in a few seconds. How to proceed? Once you have evaluated the right moment to buy the Link token, you only need to click on the Buy button and in the next box, choose the quantity. At this point the system will ask you for a method of payment: you will have the possibility to use the money in your account, a credit card or a bank transfer. The last step is to wait for the confirmation from the Chainlink blockchain with the receipt of the transaction code in your digital wallet, something that, thanks to the extremely fast network, will arrive in no time.

Costs and Commissions

Is it convenient to operate on eToro? The answer to this question is positive, since you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or operating commissions. The broker does not charge a monthly fee for the use of the platform, but will apply a cost related to the type of transaction you are performing. For cryptocurrency-related activities, a commission is expected, which in the specific case of Chainlink is 3.9%. In addition, there are no costs for depositing or storing your cryptocurrencies in the digital wallet, even if you keep them in staking. The only cost to be faced is that of any withdrawals with a commission equal to € 5 for a minimum amount of € 50 transaction.

Should I buy LINK?

Betting on this cryptocurrency can be a valid opportunity, since it proves to be a project that can only have a growth in the future, with the wide diffusion of its known. In fact, the main advantage of the Link token is to be the recomponent to the single nodes to make the network work, but also a payment tool to conclude smart contracts. Obviously, the greater the diffusion of Chainlink’s technology, the greater the growth prospects for the future.

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