How to delete my Facebook avatar from the Android or iPhone mobile application?

Find out how to delete my Facebook avatar from the Android or iPhone mobile application. Facebook avatars, were created to represent ourselves, as little animated beings, which you can share in our profile posts, and even as stickers for WhatsApp.

However, if you have come this far, it is probably because you no longer want to have these little figures or avatar in your account or you want to change it, so you have decided to delete your avatar, for this reason is that today, we are going to give you this small guide, how you can easily delete your avatar either to create a new one or to delete it permanently.

How to hide a saved avatar on Facebook?

As we already know, avatars were created to give more vitality to our publications, even these can be added to our status with colored backgrounds that we publish on our profile, however, if you no longer want to see these avatars, because you find them boring, you can hide them.

To be able to hide a Facebook avatar we have to remind you that this can only be done by entering from a browser, that is, its web version, since you will have to install two extensions in your Google Chrome or Firefox browser, which are the only browsers that accept this type of extensions.

So on your phone if you’re going to have to deal with this with this type of avatars. Now the two extensions we are talking about are the Tampermonkey extension, and the F.B. Purity extension, and their main functions are to clean your Facebook wall and customize it with colors.

Once you have these two extensions installed in your browser you must login to your Facebook page and change the current version for the classic version, since this only works with the classic version, after this, you go to F.B. Purity, and you will start to customize your Facebook and hide your avatars.

How to completely remove an avatar from a Facebook account?

In past articles on our website we learned how to do it, we mentioned how you could create and share a sticker with your Facebook avatar with your friends. However, if you are tired of having this sticker on your profile or you want to create a new one because you don’t like it, we are going to give you the steps you need to follow to delete it definitively or to create a new one:

From Android mobiles

To delete your avatar from an Android device, you must enter your application, then you go to the top right where are the three dashes (=), when you locate here you will see several options which you should look for the avatar option, when you’re in this option you’ll give in the little pencil, or failing that in the edit avatar option.

With iOS devices

If you do it from an iOS device, you can do the same procedure you do with Android devices, which is to enter your application go to the part of the three stripes, once you’re there, look for the real avatar option in edit avatar and then delete and thus remove your avatar permanently. On the other hand, if you wish, re-create a new avatar, which actually identifies you as a person.

Try to make it look more eye-catching and a little more popular this way if you have a fanpage or if you changed your profile to a Facebook page you can get more likes on your posts, and make your Facebook page grow much more.

How to delete and edit things on a Facebook avatar?

In order to delete the look of your old avatar and edit it, you must first log into the application, and look for the option to edit your avatar. 

When you are here at the bottom you will see several options, such as skin tone, clothes, hair, accessories, among many other things; in this way you can delete the old things that your avatar had and you can put new things like new clothes or change the color of the skin.

With this we end our article, I hope you liked it and that you have learned with us, how to delete your Facebook avatar from your mobile application either on an Android or an iPhone, see you in the next one.

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