What Does Pre-Sale Mean On Shopee

Find out what pre-sale means on Shopee

Shopee is the new e-commerce platform that is becoming very popular in recent months. In this app you can find products of all kinds and also features like presale. If you do not know what this term refers to, we explain what pre-sale on Shopee means.

If you are one of those who shop online you surely know well platforms like AliExpress. Now these shopping apps are joined by another one, Shopee, very similar to the previous one and with really low prices.

This platform has its origins in Singapore and has recently also been operating in several European countries such as France, Poland and Spain. Among the strengths of this app is the ability to buy with free shipping with no minimum amount and the fact that you can pay with Paypal.

Shopee also offers users discount coupons for their purchases. What does not change in this platform as in others are the shipping days of the order. As the merchandise comes from Asia, it will take between 9 and 20 days to arrive at home.

Another interesting feature of Shopee is the pre-sale. Today we explain what pre-sale means on Shopee in case you are browsing the platform and find that a product is marked with this term. The pre-sale on Shopee is the form of purchase to ensure the purchase of items or products that have not yet gone on sale. It is a reservation of the product, especially if it is highly demanded by users. With the pre-sale you ensure that the item will be yours as soon as it becomes available.

How To Shop Safely On Shopee From Spain

Once you know what pre-sale on Shopee means, we are going to show you how to buy on Shopee from Spain safely so that if you are interested in purchasing a product you can buy it easily.

To shop on Shopee from Spain the first thing you need to do is download the Shopee app from the app store of your Android or iOS device. Then register on the platform with your phone and password, then log in.

Now you have to search for the product(s) you want to buy. You can browse the categories or directly enter the name of the item in the search box at the top.

Then add the products to the shopping cart. When you have all the order done you have to click on “checkout”. Choose the payment method and enter the address where the order should arrive if you did not fill it in when you registered in the application. Finally, click on “Place order”.

In the app you will be able to track your order until it arrives at your home. Shopee has a guarantee program that is very interesting for the buyer. This program means that the money does not reach the seller until the buyer verifies that the order has arrived correctly and undamaged.

In addition, within this warranty program Shopee gives the seller a “preset number of days” to prepare and ship the order. If too many days pass without shipping, Shopee may cancel the order to the seller and refund the buyer.¬† Buyers who are not satisfied with the merchandise received can request a refund for the items and have up to 14 days to make product returns completely free of charge.

The beauty of it all is that no matter what the order placed on Shopee is, it always falls under this guarantee program offered by the company.

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