How To Become Santa Claus On Your Waze Travels

Personalize your Waze with Santa Claus Driving Mode

Waze is one of the mobile applications that connected to the vehicle facilitates driving on any road or highway. In this Christmas season the app debuts a new mode that you can already activate, we show you How to become Santa Claus in your Waze travels how to become Santa Claus in your Waze travels.

The great thing about Waze is that the users themselves are the ones who report traffic, accidents, police checkpoints, blocked roads, weather conditions and more. But Waze also tells you the speed at which you are moving along a road and also offers you gas prices in different establishments. This app is a good opportunity for businesses because it can be included and give much more visibility to the establishment.

Christmas is coming and Waze also becomes more special to coincide with these dates. Now you can customize your user icon and your profile name with a Santa Claus. Here’s how to become Santa Claus on your Waze journeys.

This form of Waze Christmas customization gives a fun touch to your profile where you can also change your vehicle and turn it into a sleigh that is seen while you are circulating and you can even make it the character himself who gives you the directions of the route you’re going to do. A good way to make your trips more enjoyable and also to entertain the route in case you are traveling with children.

To learn how to become Santa Claus on your Waze trips follow the steps described below:

  • Open the Waze app and click on “My Waze”.
  • Then click on the “Drive with Santa” tab.
  • Then activate “Santa Claus” by swiping the controller to the right.
  • Finally, click on “done”.

Now if you see your icon on the map it will have become a little Santa Claus and you will also see the icons of other users when you drive on the road. Remember that you can always revert these changes by logging in again and moving the controller to the left. The option will be disabled and you will see the profile icon as usual.

How To Change Your Car To A Sled In Waze

You already know how to become Santa Claus on your Waze travels now find out how to change your car to a sleigh in Waze. As you read it, you can make your car icon a sleigh loaded with gifts. Plus, it appears in a larger size than the car.

To change your car to a sled in Waze open the app and then tap “My Waze”. Next, click on “Drive with Santa Claus” and then slide the control to the right where it says “Santa’s Sleigh”. Then click on “done”. Now you will see that your car icon is a sleigh, but remember that this mode is only visible to you, other users will see your Waze or Santa Claus doll.

How To Use The Santa Claus Voice On Your Waze Travels

Are you bored of Waze directions always with the same voice? Now for Christmas you can get directions from Santa Claus himself. Find out how to use Santa’s voice on your Waze travels.

To use Santa’s voice on your Waze trips, you must log in to the app and then click on “My Waze”. Then click on “Drive with Santa Claus” and later go to the section where it says “Let Santa guide you”. Now you must activate the controller to the right and then click on “done”.

Every time you start a route you will hear the directions of Santa Claus in a Latin tone and before starting a route also spend some joke related to these Christmas dates.