Kuri, This Is How The App To Be Greener When Eating Works

Learn about Kuri. Individual responsibility is key to preserve the environment, and with that purpose Kuri, the app to be greener when eating, was created.

Care in nutrition and respect for the environment to limit the ecological footprint are two aspects that we are paying more and more attention to. In order to know better how we eat and try to get the best food there are many applications, some dispensable and others more useful. In the latter group is located Kuri, so the app works to be more environmentally friendly when eating.

The main particularity that we find with Kuri is that it is an application only for users who have an iOS device, since for now it is only in the App Store. Another drawback is that the application so far is not available in Spanish, there are only versions in English, French and German.  

How Kuri Works

Those interested in learning how Kuri works and how it can help minimize our ecological footprint have been growing steadily since the app hit the App Store in 2020. The Kuri app is based on three pillars: personalized nutrition, lower environmental impact food suggestions and seasonal produce suggestions. Kuri is completely free, although in October it will include a paid subscription for new features.

When you open the Kuri app, you will be able to receive personalized recipes based on your cooking habits, the type of diet you are following with its corresponding dietary restrictions or your lifestyle. The large number of filters that allow users to customize the recipes they want to receive guarantees a remarkable variety of results, with more than 700 recipes within reach.

Another of the functions included is the possibility of receiving personalized diets according to your needs (or the food you have available in the fridge). It is also a very useful application for adding the shopping list, as it can quickly transform recipes into a list with everything you need to get in the supermarket to be able to cook it.

Know What Foods Are In Season

Another advantage you can have as a Kuri user if you are not very specialized in gastronomic culture is its updated list of seasonal foods. Zero kilometer products, those that do not have to travel long distances to get from the field to your table, have less impact on the environment and are more recommendable, so it is always useful to know what these foods are.

The main drawback is that Kuri’s current database only covers the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and France. Knowing which foods are in season, you can make your purchase in a much more responsible way and also contribute to the development of local agriculture.

If you use the app from Spain, it is advisable to consult the seasonal foods of France, which will be the closest to our agricultural reality. Another alternative for Spanish users is to consult the OCU page, which has a calendar of fruits and vegetables to know when we should buy each product and, from there, search for recipes in Kuri.

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