What does the word Mood mean and why it is used in social networks | Discover it

Find out what does the word mood mean. Undoubtedly, social networks have come to change the way we see and live our lives and their influence reaches even the way we write and express ourselves. Such is the case of the short terminologies that appear today and have meanings that if they were not in the current of the networks could not be interpreted.

One of the words that has begun to sound is ‘MOOD’ and we will explain in detail what it means, how to use it and most importantly, where and when. So read on and don’t miss out on all this information.

What is the meaning that network users give to the word ‘Mood’ together with images?

‘Mood’ is an English word that translated into Spanish means Ánimo; it is precisely this that is referred to when it is used and more specifically the mood that the person is experiencing at that very moment. To make it a little more humorous the word is used along with images that express more graphically the expression of the person sharing it. 

This phrase has no set time period, and is often used to express a person’s fickle mood change. When used with images it is usually accompanied by some phrase that precedes it and the image may be accompanied by other words, usually the images are what we commonly know as memes. 


This is one of the reasons why the word ‘MOOD’ is used very often, it is usually accompanied by sad, crying, happy, dancing, etc. images or memes. The person using it is not only trying to express their mood but also to touch the emotional strand of whoever observes it.

When posting it, not always many words are used, for example: It’s a Monday and the person is bored just put the phrase ‘It’s Monday…. #Mood (add the image of a bored child)’ with this you can guess the mood the person is experiencing. 

How they may be dressed

Outfits always generate an impact on people when they are shared on social networks, that is why when someone feels or considers that their clothes will impact or reflect something exciting they make a publication of their photo under the caption: ‘MOOD’. With this, whoever observes the photo will understand if they feel fitness, sexy, handsome, beautiful, intellectual, etc.

Special celebrations

Special celebrations are also a good reason to use the word ‘MOOD’. It is usually used with photos of birthday parties, anniversaries, cultural dates, graduations, baby showers, among others. With this phrase attached to the photo the person expresses what he/she is doing at that moment, another way to use it is together with the phrase ‘missing’, implying that he/she misses the moment or the activity performed in the photo. 

How to use the word ‘Mood’ correctly in your social networks?

To use the word ‘Mood’ correctly you have to associate it with an image that can explain what you are feeling at that moment, however you can also add other phrases that offer more information to your followers.

If you post an image of a coffee on a table you add the hashtag #mood along with something else, like ‘#moodcafelove #moodtardedulce’, etc. This will help you to give the image a meaning and also to be part of the group of users shown by the algorithm, i.e. you will be easy to find by following these hashtags.

Mood 24/7

This hashtag is used when you want to express an activity performed for a continuous period of time spanning 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It can often be seen in titles of short YouTube videos of micro companies offering their products and services. To use it correctly you just have to show something you continuously do and attach the hashtag to it.

Mood ‘Random’

This phrase refers to something random or randomly occurring. To use it you have to add an image or photo that contains an activity that you don’t usually do or that came out of nowhere and add the hashtag #MoodRandom. By posting this, your followers will understand that it’s something you didn’t expect to do and that it surprises you as much as it surprises them, plus it will look like adventure.

The best way to use the word ‘Mood’ is to associate it with others that give it a better meaning or search for the most popular hashtags on other social networks and thus become part of the algorithm. You will see how your social networks become more dynamic, besides you will have many more ideas to share new photos and have a good foot in them.