What It Means In Telegram: This Group Was Turned Into A Supergroup

“This group was turned into a Supergroup”, is a common message in Telegram. You may not know what it means that a group has become a supergroup on Telegram, so here’s what we explain.

Telegram is a mass messaging platform through its supergroups, something we are automatically notified about. If we don’t know what it means in Telegram that this group was turned into a supergroup, this notification can confuse us, but it has an easy explanation. The groups can be expanded to supergroups, which allow up to 200,000 people, which allow a greater congregation of users in their groups with respect to WhatsApp, since the maximum in esat network are 512. Because of this, many companies or organizations communicate through supergroups in Telegram.

We must clarify that the term “supergroup” was removed from the application in January 2019. Currently there are only groups and within these we have private groups and public groups. The latter maintain certain characteristics with the supergroups, so at a colloquial level we maintain this denomination.

It is vital to emphasize that supergroups are not channels, although they may fulfill a similar function. In the former, users participate in the conversation, while in the latter, only the channel communicates, which sends information and readers simply receive it; it is like a subscription. In this article we are only concerned with supergroups.

Differences between groups and supergroups:

In groups all users have a similar rank, while in supergroups there are owners and administrators who fulfill specific functions and have powers over the others.

Supergroups allow the new user to read the messages before he/she joined.

Supergroups can use Telegram Bots and make it easier to join.

How To Turn A Group Into A Supergroup

Many users wonder how to turn a group into a supergroup in Telegram. Do not worry, it is something simple that we tell you below. To do this we must perform the following steps. From the group we want to convert, and provided that we are administrators, we access the group information screen. Select the pencil icon/group name and under “Group type”, choose “Public group”.

It is also possible to create a supergroup by adding special administrator permissions to other members. In the “Administrators” menu, click “Add administrator” to choose from all group members. Save the changes and your group will automatically become a supergroup, which is known as a public group.

How To Manage A Telegram Supergroup

Telegram supergroups allow us to modify several aspects, such as the permanence of users or the messaging cadence. Knowing how to manage a Telegram supergroup is important to hide your phone number using an alias and thus not show it to the entire chat, since you share space with up to 200,000 people.

Joining the supergroup

Within “Group type” you can copy the link and share it publicly. Just click on the “Invite to the group with a link” and send it to whomever you want. Note that anyone who accesses the link can join.

Messaging frequency

With so many users it is common for confusion to reign, so you can configure the group so that only the participants have to wait until they send their next message. From the group menu you will find several time options, such as 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 minutes or 1 hour maximum. This option affects each user individually.

Expelling members

One of the most important options in group management is to expel other users. To do this, you must be an administrator. In the list of included contacts, select the one you want to expel. Note that the whole chat will know that you have expelled them, as a message will appear in the chat itself.


Security is a vital aspect of Telegram communications. You can choose several options to shield the privacy of your number. Choose to be seen by everyone, only your contacts or no one. To do this from “Settings” click on “Privacy and security” and then the “Phone number” submenu.

Instead of displaying your number, it is possible to use an alias. In the profile menu, where your photo is, you will see your user name. Just change it to the one you want.