How To Play Parcheesi Star With Friends Without Facebook

Learn how to play Parcheesi Star with friends without Facebook. If you are interested in how to play Parcheesi Star with friends without Facebook, follow these steps to join the fun without linking their accounts

The advantage of traditional games like Parcheesi is that all our acquaintances know how to play, but sometimes we find some obstacles, so find out how to play Parcheesi Star with friends without Facebook in this article. This way you will be able to play games in this application that has so many people devoted to Parcheesi strategies even with those people who do not have their Facebook account linked to the application.

We all agree that the design of Parcheesi Star and its advertising bombardment can overwhelm anyone, but there are different ways that allow us to play with all our friends, even if they have decided to take the step of leaving Facebook (or never had it, bless them).

To play Parcheesi Star with a friend without Facebook, we open the application and choose the option ‘Play as a guest’, which will allow us to start games without the need to link our profile. In the central bar where we can choose the game mode, we scroll to the right until we see the option ‘Play with friends’. We press this option, configure the rules of the game and we will see a code to access the table that we can share with any contact via email, WhatsApp or the application of your choice. This way your friends will be able to connect to the game without major problems.

How To Add Friends In Parcheesi Star Without Facebook.

Another question that interests many players is to know how to add friends in Parcheesi Star without Facebook. This is also possible, since we have the option to invite them. When we enter the application, in the bottom bar we will find the ‘Friends’ section, and there we will see those who do have their Facebook accounts linked to the game.

However, we see how on the right side there is a button with the WhatsApp icon that will allow us to send an invitation to use the app to friends who do not have it installed yet. This way you can send them a message so that they can join you and you can compete together or separately in Parcheesi Star.

Once your friend has installed it, it is up to him to link or not his Facebook account. If he does, he will appear in your ‘Facebook Friends’ list. In case he doesn’t want to link it, the other option you have is to add him as ‘Game Buddy’ during the game so that you can have him reachable in the future when you enter the application to play.

How To Search For A User In Parcheesi Star

Sometimes it is difficult to locate our favorite players, but there is a way to search for a user in Parcheesi Star so you can team up with him or her as many times as you want. When playing a game, you can click on the user photo of the player in question and press the green button to add him or her to your list of game buddies. You will then be able to find him or her in the ‘Friends’ section.

When you enter ‘Friends’, you can see that there are three tabs. In ‘Facebook Friends’ you can search by name in case you have a lot of contacts and it is difficult to locate that person you want to play with or confront. The list of game buddies, on the other hand, is limited to 25 users, so decide well who are the players you want to include in that list so you can have them at hand every time you enter Parcheesi Star and get the greatest possible benefits in each game and not risk playing with people of a worse level than you or who abandon the game.