The Best Games For Tiktok ( Updated )

Do you want to use the trendy social network in a much more fun way? We show you some of the best games for TikTok.

TikTok is a social network that basically serves to have fun and have a good time. Although there are videos of all kinds, what abounds most are those of dances or humor, making it a platform eminently for leisure. And what is becoming fashionable lately are the games. You can record yourself and your friends playing a game and then share it with your followers through the social network. If you lack imagination to think of any, here we are going to recommend the best games for TikTok.

There are games of all kinds, from games for little girls to others to have fun with alcohol at parties. Read on and we’ll recommend you some options.

Tiktok Games For Girls

If your daughters even if they are little have an account on TikTok or if you want to play with them to post it on yours, there are TikTok games for girls (and also for boys) that can be a lot of fun, especially to entertain at home now that winter is coming.

One fun option is to put a glass of juice on top of a slightly unrolled roll of toilet paper. The game consists of rolling up the roll without spilling the juice.

Another fun game is to tie hands and feet and crawl across the floor to a plate of candy. The first one to eat all the candy is the winner.

Tiktok Games To Play For Free

Most of the games we are talking about are TikTok games to play for free, since you obviously don’t have to pay anything to make up a game at home and record it. But it is possible that, in order to spend absolutely nothing, you may prefer to opt for games where you don’t need to use anything. One option is quiz games, where you can even interact with your followers by asking them personal or cultural questions for them to answer in the comments. There are also children’s games, such as the statue game or the chair game, which can result in fun TikTok videos that your followers will love.

Tiktok Drinking Games

TikTok drinking games have become a star among young people. One of the classics is Yo nunca, in which you propose something and whoever has never done it before has to drink.

Another fun “drinking game” is the game in which several glasses are placed and a small ball (ping pong size) has to be put into them. Whoever makes the basket has to drink. Although these are classic party games, the videos that can result from them are very eye-catching.

Tiktok Games For Birthdays

Any of the games we have mentioned above can be birthday TikTok games at any given time (obviously taking into account the age of the birthday boy or girl). And at the same time any game played on a birthday can be ideal for a TikTok video. It can also be a lot of fun to propose a TikTok dance contest to liven up a birthday party. And if there is a trendy challenge on the social network, it can also be something to liven up your parties.

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